What kind of mushrooms are on the properties and characteristics

With the onset of the autumn period, each of us does notaway to taste the amazing delicacy that nature itself gave - mushrooms. However, before collecting or buying this forest product, you need to study its species, so as not to cause irreparable harm to your health.

What are the types of mushrooms? The forest product is divided into four groups. The first of these includes mushrooms edible. This category includes such species, the preparation of dishes from which does not require any preliminary preparation of the forest product (soaking or boiling). It is only necessary to clean and scald with boiling water.

In turn, this species is further divided intofour categories. The attribution to each of them depends on the taste characteristics, as well as on the nutritional value of the forest gift. What are edible mushrooms? A photo of the representative of the first category you see below.

what mushrooms are

This category includes red and white fungus (in the picture), as well as a real mushroom. Representatives of the second category are the boletus and oil mushrooms. There are also freckles and champignons.

The third category includes morels and autumnhoney agarics, mosses and chanterelles. A boulder enters it. The fourth category includes tinderweed and govorushki, oyster mushrooms and meadow agarics, as well as ryadovki and dung.

what are the types of mushrooms

What other mushrooms are there? There is also a second group of these representatives of the forest kingdom. It includes conditionally edible specimens. As a rule, the taste qualities of these fungi differ in the content of bitterness in them. Present in their composition and toxic substances. Neutralization of forest products and elimination of bitterness in it is carried out by boiling or long-term storage in dried form.

The second group includes the Balbows, and alsomorels. Enter it and such mushrooms, which need to be cooked for a long time in the water with the addition of salt. After that, they are boiled to remove bitterness. The water in which the pretreatment was processed must be drained.

What kind of mushrooms are there? They are representatives of the forest kingdom, included in the third group. They are inedible. There are no poisonous substances in them, however, the consumption of such mushrooms is impossible due to their unpleasant taste or smell, which is very difficult to remove even after cooking. The forest product can be very simple and very tough. The representative of this group is the bile fungus.

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What kind of mushrooms are there? They are representatives of the fourth group. To it carry poisonous mushrooms. Fruit bodies of these forest gifts contain toxins. These are poisonous components that cause human poisoning. What mushrooms are in this group? Depending on the chemical composition of poisons and effects on the body, they are divided into the following categories:

- containing hemolytic poison (lines);
- exerting a local stimulating effect, manifested in light intestinal disorders (certain types of ryadovok);
- causing the formation of specific antibodies in the blood that destroy erythrocytes (swine);
- containing substances such as ibotenic acid, alkaloid muscarin, mycoatropin or mousse-cymol, which adversely affect the nerve centers;
- in the composition of which there is a poison soluble only in alcohol (koprin);
- containing poisons that have a pronounced plasminotoxic effect (pale toadstool).

Reliable and easy ways to determine whether there are poisonous mushrooms, no. It is better not to take a dubious copy, leaving it where you found it.

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