Cake "Grafski ruins" - a recipe for instant cooking

Sometimes I want to impress my friends orrelatives with some spectacular and tasty dish. If you decide that this will be cake, then try to cook at least once "Grafskie ruins." The recipe is simple and the composition of the products is quite affordable. But the result will surely please you, because this dessert is very beautiful and tasty.

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Cake "Grafsky ruins"

The classic recipe for this delicacy suggests,to put it simply, the combination of crispy meringue (protein meringue), confectionery cream and melted chocolate. This is the basis and the obligatory components of such a cake. Having learned how to cook this delicacy in a traditional way, you can easily upgrade it and create your own culinary masterpieces, taking into account your family's personal preferences. So, we begin to create a cake-meringue "Grafskie r

cake meringue ruins recipe
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• Recipe: Prepare 4 egg whites, sugar ¾ cup, chocolate bar, a can of condensed milk and a packet of good butter. Nuts, raisins and dried apricots at will.

• Cool the proteins and place them in a container,which will whip the mass for mereng. If you have a combine, it will be even easier to make a meringue for the cake "Grafskie ruins". The recipe stipulates that sugar should not be added to the protein mass before it reaches a certain dense consistency. Some mistresses check this by turning the bowl with protein foam - if the contents do not drop out, then it's ready.

cake ruins classic recipe

• Sugar should be introduced in small portions without interrupting whipping. The finished base for meringue will be viscous, dense and slightly glossy.

• Put a sheet of pastry paper on the baking tray. The protein mass is placed in a confectionery bag and squeezed out small rosettes on a baking sheet. If you do not have a confectioner's syringe or bag, do not get discouraged: since meringues will be hidden under a layer of cream and chocolate, their shape does not matter much for the appearance of the cake. Use two tablespoons to gently lay the protein mass on the baking sheet.

cake meringue ruins

• To make the meringues tasty, they need to be baked at a temperature of 1000FROM. This process will remind not baking, but rather, drying meringue in the oven. If the temperature is higher, these important parts of the future cake will become a beige shade due to the fact that the sugar is caramelized. Although some confectioners even like it.

• The cream is prepared very simply: soft butter should be shaken,

gradually adding condensed milk.

• Now you can start assembling the cake "Grafskieruins". The recipe for a traditional product describes this stage, as an arbitrary combination of individual meringues lubricated with cream, into a kind of construction resembling a hill. It is in the process of connecting all parts, as a rule, you need to add additional ingredients.

cake county ruins

• Ready-made construction is poured with melted chocolate, it can be made with chocolate glaze of home preparation.

Variations on the theme "Meringue cake" Grafski ruins "

Recipe for this delicious dessert, each hostess can change at its discretion. For example:

• You can apply cakes, which will hold the whole structure.

• Crispy meringues can be combined with pieces of tender biscuit or marshmallow.

• Fresh fruits (strawberries, raspberries, currants) perfectly fit into the cream for this cake.

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