Cake "Bird's milk" recipe for home cooking

It's hard to find a man who at least once in his lifedid not try the cake "Bird's Milk". Also called candy. Why sweets got such a name? After all, it is known that most birds do not have milk, with the exception of some species, such as penguins, flamingos, pigeons and crocs. That's why the bird's milk began to be called something that is rarely found in reality. Something unprecedented, impossible, so to speak, the limit of desires. "Bird's milk" cake was named in order to surprise the sweet tooth with a completely new, having a mysterious taste, delicacy.

A bit of history

Visitors to the restaurant "Prague" for the first timetry the cake "Bird's Milk", the recipe of which was invented by the legendary famous confectioner Vladimir Mikhailovich Guralnik. He also embodied his plan in reality. The greatest popularity this delicacy acquired in the 60-80's. passed the century. The cake was baked mainly in Leningrad and Moscow, but what is interesting is that it was not confectionery factories that dealt with it, but ordinary canteens and some other small food establishments. That is why "Bird's milk" was bought up in a matter of hours. Usually batch of cake was small, and all because it is stored for a short time - about a day. But it did not upset either the confectioners themselves or the customers, because the ease in cooking and the incredible taste made the cake a truly national delicacy. In addition, it increasingly began to do housewives at home. Cake "Bird's Milk", the recipe of which was difficult to find in print, was passed from mouth to mouth, and its composition was constantly changing and being finalized.

Cake "Bird Milk": a recipe of our time

Today, this delicacy is no lesspopularity. Recipe for "Bird Milk" is not kept secret, on the Internet it is presented in various variations. Therefore, anyone can bake such a cake at home. Only at first glance it may seem that it is complicated in preparation. Time will go a little, but what delicacy the entire family will be able to eat.

So, for those who want to bake a cake "Bird's Milk" is a simple recipe:

Ingredients: 14 eggs, 3.5 cups sugar, 2 cups flour, 2 cups milk, 1 bag of gelatin, 350 g butter, 4 tablespoons cocoa.

Preparation: First you need to make a biscuit. A glass of sugar is beaten with 4 eggs, at the very end flour (about 1 cup) is gradually introduced. The mass must be thoroughly mixed to a homogeneous consistency. The biscuit is baked in a split form for approximately 30 minutes.

To prepare the cream, you need to take the yolksthe remaining eggs (do not throw away the protein) and grind. Then you need to add a glass of milk and 1 tbsp of flour. All the well mix and bring to a boil (in a water bath), while stirring constantly. When the cream has cooled, add butter to it. Then dilute gelatin in warm water, allow to swell and put on fire for heating. After this, you need to beat a glass of sugar and protein, pour gelatin into the mixture, mix well. Finally, combine the gelatin mixture with the cream.

The cooled biscuit should be cut into two halves(most convenient to do this with a large knife). One part put on a plate, a good lubricate cream, cover with a second half. Put the cake in a cold place. To make it tastier and more beautiful, the cake can be covered with glaze. It is prepared as follows: 0.5 cups of sugar, 50 g of butter, 4 tablespoons cocoa and 3 tablespoons of milk to bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

It should be noted that the cake "Bird's Milk" recipehas not one. There are so many recipes on every recipe that nobody really remembers which one is the most correct. In principle, this is not enough for anyone. In addition, whatever recipe is used, the cake will always turn out delicious.

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