Vodka "Myagkov": the history of the ribbed drink

Vodka is a national, truly Russianalcoholic beverage. It is produced both in pure form, and in combination with flavor additives. The exact date of occurrence is unknown, it is assumed that vodka was invented at the time of the birth of mankind, and already in the Middle Ages in different countries the product was renamed and had the meaning of "water of life".

History of origin of vodka

Already in the 18th century technicalapparatus for the production of high-quality natural alcohol, from this period the drink has received wide circulation and access to sale in grocery stores. Strong alcoholic beverages gained common popularity and universal love, were acquired with a passion. The formation of brands and the large-scale demand for the product led to the creation of corporations. So, in 2001 in the Ukrainian city of Odessa the trading house on manufacture and retail sale of this vodka has been created. A unique, attractive bottle, stylish slogans, accompanied by "Myagkov" vodka, gave the drink a good popularity and increased turnover. The delicate taste of alcohol and pleasant aroma caused a special delight among alcohol lovers.

Vodka "Myagkov" Ukrainian production is already throughthe year became the market leader. With the growth in sales, the assortment expanded, new tastes appeared with the addition of lemon, lime and pepper. In 4 years the company was bought by Russia, and the production completely moved to its territory.

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The edges of the ridge of spiritual alcohol

With the increasing popularity of vodka "Myagkov" changed the flavor and produced new product series. The assortment was significantly increased, and the demand for products reached 3.5 million bottles sold per month.

Advertising of the company and production of branded clipshad no analogues in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. This brought incredible success and recognition to the company by consumers. The brand "Vodka" Myagkov "easily became a sponsor of world sports matches, competitions and games.

The development of unique and trendy approaches to gustatory sensations led to the appearance of trihedral bottles, which when saturated with a drink were saturated with a special aroma and juicy odor.

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Drink usage rules

Vodka - strong enough alcohol, useit is after the preparation of the body. A few hours before the proposed feast is recommended to eat tightly, preferably fatty foods. Alcohol should be taken chilled and in small doses. They bite with hearty dishes. Vodka "Myagkov" reviews are only good, lovers positively allocate it from other brands, and the quality is confirmed by the trust of consumers.

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