Frying herring: cooking recipes

Many citizens perceive herring only insalty form. Most of them have never even thought about the fact that it can be fried, but it turns out quite tasty and exquisite. Grilled herring, of course, can surprise your whole family. This fish is cheap enough, so this option will be very acceptable for most families.

herring fried cooking recipes

Grilled herring with onions

This recipe can be considered classic, andthe resulting dish is good enough to taste. There are no expensive products, only fish and onions. If desired, you can add a small amount of wine to the onions, but you should start with the ingredients.

Ingredients for herring with onions

To prepare this dish for two people, you will need:

  • fish herring - 1 piece;
  • onion - 100 grams;
  • onion green (optional) - 40 grams;
  • white wine (optional) - 50 grams;
  • Provencal herbs;
  • flour;
  • salt and pepper;
  • lemon.

Cooking method

The first thing you need to do is to cut the fish on the fillet. To do this, the herring must be decapitated and, starting from the place where the head was, with a knife, cut the flesh along the ridge, heading slowly to its tail part. This process is the most difficult to prepare. Filleting fish should be very carefully, so that as little as possible meat remains on the ridge, however, the fillet itself should not resemble fish minced meat. For this procedure, it is best to use a sharp and large knife.

After it turned out two beautiful fillets,you need to get rid of all bones. After all, no one wants to eat fish and be afraid that a bone will fall. To get rid of them, you will need to acquire tweezers. You can buy a special fish, or you can take it from a cosmetic bag, this one is also perfect for this procedure.

When the fillet is completely ready, you can proceedmarinating fish. To do this, the fillet must be cut to make 4 square pieces. Then put them in a bowl and add lemon juice, salt and pepper. To make the fried herring even more unusual, you can, if desired, add various spices, but this is already an amateur. While the fish is marinating, we will begin to fry the onions.

Onions need to be cleaned, washed and cutsemirings. Then throw it on a well-heated frying pan. It is worth considering that for cooking onions and fish you need a different time, so it's best to cook all the ingredients separately. When the onion starts to fry, you need to add salt and pepper. You can also add a little wine and wait until it evaporates, in this case the vegetable will acquire an unusual taste, it will be with a slight sourness, which is inherent in white wine. When the onion is cooked, it can be put in a separate bowl and proceed with the frying of the fish.

fried herring

It is necessary to take the pickled herring, roll it inflour. If there is no flour at hand, you can use potato starch. Then put on a hot frying pan and fry on both sides until the fish becomes a pleasant golden color.

After this, on a clean plate should be laid outfish, pour on the onion and, if the season allows, you can chop the finely chopped onions and sprinkle the fish with them. Grilled herring is obtained by a very cheap dish, but at the same time very tasty. Therefore it is highly recommended to try it.

fried herring with onions

Grilled herring in Swedish

This recipe is very popular in Sweden, we can not say that in this case there are many differences from our herring with onions.

Ingredients for herring in Swedish:

  • herring - 1 piece;
  • butter;
  • dill and parsley;
  • flour coarse (coarse) grinding;
  • salt pepper.

Cooking method

Just like in the previous recipe, firstit is necessary to file herring. What is needed and what to do is already known, so this process will be missed. When the fillet is fully ready for use, it should be salted, peppered and sprinkled with herbs. Then it is advisable to leave the fish for twenty minutes to soak up the smell of fresh dill and parsley.

At the end of this time, the whole fish filletroll in a flour of coarse grinding. It is important to use this kind of flour, this is the meaning of this recipe. After the fish is paned, it should be fried. In the frying pan you have to melt the butter, warm it well and put the fish with the skin up. It is also worth noting that the herring fried according to the Swedish recipe is prepared only in butter and not in any other.

When on both sides the fish will get a pleasanta golden crust - it's ready. In Sweden, this dish is most often used with mashed potatoes and crushed lingonberry pulp. Also, be sure to have a beer or wine on the table, but in this case, it is already at will and in the mood.

fried herring in Swedish


So, many have now learned that there is such a dish,like fried herring. Recipes of cooking can be very different and incredible. In this case, there were described very standard recipes that do not require great culinary skills, but all dishes cooked on them are very tasty and attractive externally.

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