How to prepare rolls at home

In the last decade, Japanese cuisine has conqueredthe whole world, and Russia is no exception. Japanese restaurants offer a variety of menus. The most common dishes are sushi, rolls and soups. Rolls are a kind of sushi. Their distinctive feature from the land is that the filling with rice is wrapped in Nori seaweed, and not vice versa. The most beloved rolls are the famous "California", "Philadelphia", "Umagi rolls". After trying the Japanese food, people began to wonder: "How to prepare rolls at home?".

Answering the question: how to prepare rolls, you can easily say that this process does not take too much time, effort and money. It is important to purchase the necessary ingredients, dishes and cooking accessories.


Before I tell you how to prepare rolls at home, I want to dedicate you to some concepts:

Nori - seaweed.

A mat is a bamboo mat that is designed specifically for rolling a roll.

Wasabi, in other words - Japanese horseradish, has a characteristic green color, adds spice to the dish and at the same time has antiseptic properties.

Marinated ginger is used for taste, and also as a kind of antiseptic.

How to prepare rolls at home

In Japanese restaurants, prices are quite high,so buying the necessary products you can cook at home your favorite rolls. How to cook, I'll tell on the example of the rolls "Philadelphia". Following the detailed instructions, you do not distinguish the difference between home roll and restaurant.

To prepare two servings you will need: a glass of special Japanese rice, cucumber, avocado, seaweed "Nori", red fish about 200 grams, "Philadelphia" cheese. And also a bamboo mat and a well sharpened knife.

Boil rice according to the instructions,indicated on the package. If you have not bought Japanese rice, then you can use the usual round-grained. To have a sticky consistency, it should be slightly digested to the state of boiled rice. The taste of these rolls will not differ much from the products using Japanese rice.

Cover the mat with a polyethylene roll inseveral layers. Cut the algae layer in two with scissors. Cucumber cut into long blocks in a width of 5 mm. Avocado clean and cut the brusochkami to match the cucumber. Fish thinly cut into neat pieces.

So, how to prepare rolls:

  1. On the mat, nearer to its edge, put half of the algae, put the cooled rice on top and pin it tightly with your fingers. The rice should slide off one edge of the algae onto the mat.
  2. Then turn the algae rice down on the mat. From above in the middle of algae we smear a strip in width centimeter cheese "Philadelphia".
  3. We spread the cucumber and avocado over the entire length of the cheese.
  4. Then, using a mat, we start tightly twisting the roll, giving it a regular rectangular shape.
  5. Unfolding the mat, you will see a tightly twisted long roll. He is laid out red fish. Then you again use a mat to compact the roll.
  6. The final stage of a sharp knife cut the roll by the number of red fish (in restaurant portions the roll is cut into six parts). And shift the cut dish carefully onto the plate.
  7. The next portion is prepared in the same order.

Learning how to cook rolls at home,You can please your friends and family by covering the table in Japanese style. A special entourage will give bamboo sticks, with which you will eat this dish. Ginger, soy sauce, wasabi and rice vinegar will help to make the taste more vivid. Since these supplements are for an amateur, they should be served in separate bowls.

In all Japanese restaurants,the composition of each roll, so you can easily cook any other dish on the same principle. And you can buy some specific ingredients in a specialized store.

Enjoy your meal. Rejoice yourself and your loved ones with culinary delights.

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