Best restaurants of Ulyanovsk

Caught on business or on vacation in Ulyanovsk,You can spend an evening or a tasty meal in one of the city's many restaurants. Here there are institutions for every taste: with European or Asian cuisine, live music and even delivery of food at home. Pleased with the prices: they are much lower than the capital, and the quality of service and the taste of the dishes served at altitude.

Restaurant-club "Tarantino"

Ulyanovsk restaurants offer not onlya decent menu, but also an interesting entertainment program with both famous artists and local musicians. The restaurant "Tarantino" is a stylish place with excellent European cuisine and nightly musical performances. For special guests, special discounts apply when presenting a document confirming a landmark date. To celebrate a holiday in a narrow circle, you can book a small room for 65 guests.

restaurants of Ulyanovsk

The average check is 500-700 rubles per person, excluding the cost of drinks.

On weekdays from noon to three o'clock there is a business menu.


The restaurants of Ulyanovsk are diverse. "Heather" will please with a cozy and elegant atmosphere both in the daytime and in the evening, thanks to the thoughtful interiors and lighting solution.

Those wishing to have fun can spend a pleasant time in the karaoke room, looking for seclusion - book a separate booth or sit in the lobby bar.

The kitchen is European and Asian, a great choice of dishes. There is a vegetarian, lean and children's menu, a grill. Excellent tea and wine cards.

Haruki Ulyanovsk Restaurant

At lunchtime from noon to three o'clock in the afternoonyou can order a business lunch cost from 230 rubles or choose a more budget option in the karaoke room - "express lunch" from 170 rubles. Portions are large, the choice of dishes varies every day.

The average check per person is 500-700 rubles excluding the cost of alcoholic beverages.

Judging by the opinions of visitors, Veresk (Ulyanovsk) is a restaurant where every customer is welcome.


If you are looking for something really cozy,restaurant "Berloga" will be an excellent choice. Here you can not only sit in the common room, but also order a separate house or arbor on the bank of Sviyaga to celebrate the celebration in a narrow circle of friends or relatives.

romanovskiy restaurant Ulyanovsk

The menu offers Russian cuisine. The chip of the establishment: bread from the oven of own cooking, game, delicious shish kebabs, smokehouse.

Friday and Saturday evenings in the common hall sounds a saxophone, often local bands perform. There is a karaoke room and free parking.

From Monday to Friday "Berloga", like manyrestaurants Ulyanovsk, at lunchtime offers its business menu. However, here it is not just a choice of several dishes, but an interesting and "tasty" discount - 50% for all menus. So for a little money you can have a good dinner.

There is delivery of dishes to the house and the service "buffet in Russian": on-site service of holidays.

"Haruki" (Ulyanovsk)

Restaurant of Pan-Asian cuisine. Here you can enjoy dishes cooked according to the recipes of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Tang Pei Paigu, Unagi Kurimu, traditional Tom Yam or its variations, as well as delicate desserts and even french fries - everyone will find something for themselves.

restaurants of city Ulyanovsk

The original design of the hall contributes to the creation of an inexpressible mysterious atmosphere, and aquariums with live fish are tuned to a benevolent harmony.

The restaurant has accumulative interestcard, there is food delivery and the opportunity to order a favorite dish to take away. On weekdays from noon to four, you can have a good lunch, choosing your favorite business lunch. In addition, "Haruki" (Ulyanovsk) - a restaurant that takes into account the tastes of its visitors. From March 14 to May 1, a menu of lean dishes operates, in addition to the usual soups and salads, there are rolls and even cappuccinos based on soy milk.


"Romanovsky" restaurant (Ulyanovsk) is consideredone of the best places in the city. Here you can celebrate a family holiday or hold a working corporate, drop in for lunch or order food on the house - you will receive equally impeccable service.

heather Ulyanovsk restaurant

The menu of the restaurant is very diverse, it includes dishes of Japanese, European, Caucasian and Italian cuisines. Especially guests are kebabs, sushi and kebab lulya.

"Romanovsky" restaurant (Ulyanovsk) worksround-the-clock and offers its visitors a pleasant time not only at the table, but also in the karaoke room. Those who want to relax can order a hookah, the choice of tobacco is decent, the hookah is the master of their business.

The restaurant has high-speed Wi-Fi and private parking for guests.

"Drop the anchor"

If you are interested in unusual restaurantsUlyanovsk, pay attention to the gastropap "Drop the anchor". The interior of the institution is made in a marine style: in the design are used wood, ropes, there is even an imitation of the grotto. Sounds unobtrusive background music, and in the evening on Friday and Saturday local bands play. All this creates a very cozy atmosphere. Staff polite, long wait for the order will not have to.

The menu offers dishes of Europeankitchen. The restaurant is famous for fish dishes, you can try fish ribs bream, carp, carp under the original sauce, stuffed squid, lovers of meat, too, will not go hungry.

The average check is 1000 rubles.

Numerous restaurants of the city of Ulyanovsk give scope for choice. Here everyone can have a good evening or celebrate the event in a pleasant, cozy atmosphere.

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