Sip it with pleasure - go to the "Sandwich Bar"!

We completely forgot about the feeling of hunger, but becausejust eating does not impress us. We want the beauty of serving and serving, the original spices and unusual ingredients. That's why there are countless restaurants and bars that are not so attractive for a hearty meal as they spoil their originality. In St. Petersburg, not so long ago, opened a "sandwich bar", the whole essence of which lies directly in the name. Here you will spoil yourself with delicious bouters, as well as excellent tinctures.

sandwich bar

Sandwich in my mouth!

The most favorite and tasty way to have a bite is,certainly, sandwich. Cooking is short-lived, the ingredients are always in the fridge and suggest a certain dose of imagination. Almost every person has his own "recipe" for a favorite sandwich. It is a pity that this dish is not given enough attention! But this defect has already been successfully corrected - the so-called "Sandwich Bar" appeared. Already from the name it is clear that they will serve here as sandwiches, which means that this is completely anti-glamorous institution, protesting against luxury, pathos and false aesthetics.

The bar specializes in Danish Smarrebrod,which once upon a time were a simple and inexpensive snack. Then the Danes smeared the rye bread with butter and savored it with a piece of ham or cheese. And by the end of the 19th century, there was a change - the coffins began to be taken by workers, adding to the bread the remains of yesterday's food. So it turned out to hold out until supper. Do you want to join the Danish cuisine and taste the local delicacies? Then you direct road to St. Petersburg, "Sandwich Bar" (embankment Makarova, 16) is waiting for you!

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What to expect from the bar?

Here you will try delicate sandwiches on thinplate of bread with an abundance of ingredients, and warm, and cold, and sweet, and even sharp. Even in the bar you will be served a special dish - bastards. It is a hybrid of Smorrebroda and Sushi, which is sold at a ridiculous price of 50 rubles. To drink this appetizing dish can be filled with liquor, which there are 12 varieties, and all original. The dried apricots fly out on the Calvados, but the girls are more impressed by the raspberry on the jine and the black currant on the rum. The pour is done by hand, and the recipes are kept secret, so you will definitely come back to taste this yummy again.

Even before the visit to the bar you can notice the consonance inthe name of the institution and the surname of one famous writer - Brodsky. Intrigue? Still, the reference to the writer was even a plaque at the entrance, on which it is written, that "I. Brodsky has nothing to do with either this house or this restaurant. " Soft self-irony and democratic prices - that's what attracts people to the "Sandwich Bar".

First visit

So, the interior here is clearly not ordinary. You will not find anything like that in the city. After all, everything is thought out to the last detail. Conditionally there is a division of the room into two zones. The first has a frivolous view of a cheap diner with board tables and iron chairs. The view is attracted by walls of dirty greenery or sea water. Visitors joke that in this color solution the original Petersburg atmosphere is composed. There is a subtle hint that all the beauty comes out of the swamp.

The second zone still looks more like the usualrestaurant with a share of glamor, thick tablecloths and pseudo-fireplace. As a result, when acquainted with the bar appear depressive notes in the mood, but they quickly dissolve. It turned out to be an atmospheric Petersburg place, calm, philosophical, with good music and a laconic view from the window - to the embankment and seagulls.

Previously, this place was the restaurant "Beluga", butthe forces of the designer Ilya Ivanov appeared absolutely grunge place - "Sandwich bar", and this bar seems so old, as if he was here always. The bar has an entrance area (garage), a filling room with bar stools, a small bar and a restaurant. The last room opens for lunch and dinner, and the remaining zones are open around the clock. There are compliments from the institution.

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What do they say about the bar?

After the "Sandwich Bar" was opened,reviews began to play the role of the best advertising. To the business joy of the owner Alexander Zatulivetrov, the institution liked Petrograders. They go here families, couples and even singles. The owner himself believes that the key to the success of the institution is the unusual format and originality of the concept. In particular, this bar is also an aesthetic filling, which could exist in the country for dozens of years, even in times of revolutions and war. This is an attempt to come up with a bar with a history where repairs are unnecessary work, since the owners are so happy. Apparently, the idea was realized, as owners no one reproaches in the untidiness of the interior. On the contrary, the public is actively flowing here.

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About the most important

And, finally, the main thing, what intrigues "Butterbrodskybar », - the menu. What do you need to order here? From the liquor has no competitors of dried apricots on cognac. It is not bitter at all, alcohol hardly feels. Young girls like gin on raspberries, and guys like cherry on rum and cherry on bourbon. Sweet sweetness is not present, and it seems that the tongue gets a strong juice. To such drinks it is necessary to take a set of bums. So it will be more economical, and very satisfying.

Food is brought on a long wooden plate,resembling a boat. The filling of the sandwiches is mega-original and very juicy. Explicit favorites for visitors are roast beef, herring with apple and chicken terrine. It is very tasty with Smokebread with chicken and mustard, which is also flavored with bacon, poached egg, salad and capers.

The most beautiful sandwich is with roast beef, salad, cucumber, pickled onions, capers and orange.

In addition to sandwiches, be sure to orderholes from deer and roe deer. They look like little dumplings. The taste is magical. Pancakes with zucchini and potatoes, order only if you came to the bar with the company. Portion is very great.

And do not forget about desserts! They are here, by the way, too weighty, so do not gorge on the string. Treat yourself to a cheesecake with lemon zest or tender dumplings with cottage cheese and raspberries.</ span </ p>

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