Artificial eggs - is it possible?

Artificial eggs

Today, artificial eggs in the Celestial Empire, where,in fact, they thought of producing them, they are sold everywhere. No wonder, because their price is less than the real ones twelve times! Due to the huge number of the general population, there are a lot of people living below the poverty line in China. Cheap artificial products for them - the opportunity not to die of hunger. In principle, they can not be poisoned, but artificial eggs can not benefit the body.

Naturally, China, which supplies to ourthe country has a lot of goods, including products, has long been "treats" us and this "delicacy". Perhaps you are already "fortunate" to regale, and you know how to distinguish it from the present. If not, the following tips will help you not buy inshell chemistry, especially since it costs us as much as normal chicken eggs.

So, what to look for in the first place? Of course, on the shell. In artificial eggs, it is more shiny and rougher. However, on this basis, it is possible to identify a fake product only after repeated practice. It is much easier to learn Chinese artificial eggs by inner contents.

Artificial eggs from China
The protein and yolk are made from the same material(what - read later). Therefore, between them there is no air chamber separating one from the other. If the broken false egg stays in any dish for more than an hour, its protein and yolk will completely dissolve into each other. Artificial eggs can not be the beginning of a new chicken's life. That is, the yolk does not contain a speck of the embryo.

Chinese artificial eggs
Many consumers who managed to get acquaintedwith the next product of the Chinese chemical industry in person, they say that if made from an artificial egg, for example, a glaze, then in the process of frying, it is guaranteed to "enjoy" the persistent smell of incomprehensible chemicals. However, this is not quite true.

The fact is that artificial eggs from China are notcan smell nothing, because they are made of chemicals that have an absolutely neutral smell. Their shell is created on the basis of calcium carbonate, and the yolk and protein - from potassium alginate, alum-kali alum, gelatin, calcium chloride food and yellow coloring pigment. In principle, the production process is so simple that it can easily be organized in a regular city apartment.

Protein-like mass is obtained from alginatepotassium, dissolved in warm water. Then it is mixed with gelatin, benzoic acid and alum. Everything - the fake protein is ready. Adding this mixture of citric acid and pigment, we get raw materials for the production of yolk. It is poured into a special form, which is easy to create by ourselves, and placed in a solution of potassium carbonate. He will cover the artificial yolk with a film so that it does not dissolve in the protein. In an hour it will dry up, and it can be placed in another form, where the protein will be poured. Then the egg (still without the shell) is again placed in a solution of potassium carbonate, so that it does not creep. The hard surface of the product is formed as a result of placing it in a solution of gypsum powder, paraffin and calcium carbonate.

In general, to create artificial eggs - it's simple, you can indulge in leisure. But you do not need to buy them in any case! As, indeed, there is.

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