Cooking caramel sauce for meat and fish dishes

Few people know that caramel sauce does not fitonly for desserts, but also for meat dishes. He emphasizes the taste of the main ingredient, contrasts with spicy seasonings, introduces unusual notes in long familiar recipes.

caramel sauce

Usually this sauce is prepared specifically for somedishes. But you can make it and for the future, it is well stored in the refrigerator. In addition to meat and fish dishes, it is well combined with grilled vegetables. Let's try to cook caramel sauce. The recipe with the photo will help in this.


The sauce is based on the caramelization process. Usually, ordinary or cane sugar is used for this. For the density and aroma it is often added fruit puree. Many recipes for this sauce contain garlic or chili. Spicy taste can be achieved with the help of ginger, asafoetida, cardamom, ground muscat. Often used citrus - it gives the dish spiciness.

Instead of sugar, honey is sometimes used. But in this case it is impossible to speak with confidence about caramelization. The sauce is less dense. Some try to heat honey, but its heating to high temperatures, firstly, does not bring the desired effect, and secondly, it saturates the dish with harmful components. Add this product to the sauce only at temperatures up to 70 degrees.

Cooking method

You still do not know how to cook caramelsauce? Then remember: in a cast-iron frying pan it is necessary to heat sugar, vigorously stirring it with a wooden spatula, until it starts to melt. Once this process begins, very quickly add liquid ingredients: soy sauce, wine, berry, vegetable or fruit juice. The melted butter gives the dish a delicate texture. And the juice of lime, grapefruit or orange, added at the very end of the preparation, will bring the necessary sourness.

how to cook caramel sauce

If you plan to use fresh greens,Add it directly to the sauce can not. She will get wet, lose her taste, create unnecessary clots that break beautiful structure. It is advisable to sprinkle it with a ready-made dish on top of the sauce.

Application area

Most often caramel sauce is used for dishesfrom meat and poultry. Serve it and to the baked fish. It fits perfectly to mushrooms, fried pieces or baked in the oven in the form of stuffed baskets. The finished sauce does not require further heat treatment, moreover, it often only hurts it. Therefore, the sauce either watered the dish at the very end of the preparation, or served it to the table in special saucepans.

caramel sauce recipe with photo

How to cook caramel sauce, you can argue for a long time. But this variety of opinions becomes the basis for new recipes. Thanks to this, everyone can pick up and cook what they like.

Meat with caramel sauce

This sauce suits perfectly to baked pork,veal, lamb. It is also used in the preparation of meat of wild animals: elk, bear, deer. Prepare caramel sauce for meat by following the recipe.

caramel sauce for meat

To make a kilogram portion of meatYou need about 400 grams of apples, pears or their mixture, one and a half tablespoons of sugar, 0.5 teaspoons of honey, 70 grams of soy sauce, spices and a small slice of butter.

In a frying pan, preferably cast iron, sugar needsstrongly warm up, until it darkens. Then add butter and soy sauce. After boiling and thickening of the mixture, it is necessary to lower the fruit cut into thin slices. By the way, along with apples and pears, you can use mango, pineapple, papaya. When they are fried, pour the whole sauce into another container and let it cool down a little. Baked meat in the oven for 5 minutes until ready to pour a small amount of sauce and return to the oven. At this time in the sauce, add honey carefully. Depending on the resulting taste, you can pour a little. Spices and garlic are also added at the end. When the meat is cooked, cut it into thin steaks and generously pour the sauce. To the table to serve with fresh herbs, seasonal or pickled vegetables, homemade bread.

Caramel sauce for chicken

Especially love the combination of poultry and hot and sour sauce the Chinese. In their national cuisine, many dishes are based on the combination of contrasting ingredients.

chicken in caramel sauce

Like most of the great dishes that have come toTo us from China, the chicken in caramel sauce combines several tastes: sweet, spicy, salty, sour. This effect is achieved by combining garlic with citrus juices, honey, soy sauce. Perfectly harmonizes with a tender bird ginger and herbs with a sharp taste.

Before preparing a chicken, it is desirablemarinate it. Then the ready dish will be juicy, gentle, expressive. Subsequently it is the marinade that can be used for melting caramel. To make one kilogram of chicken (wings, legs, thighs, fillets or a mixture of different parts) you need about 50 grams of soy sauce, a tablespoon of sugar, juice of half a lemon, 50 grams of white wine, a slice of ginger, a few pieces of prunes.

The principle of cooking is similar to the classical one. In a frying pan you need to caramelize sugar, dilute it with liquid and boil. After the addition of seasonings, it is possible to fill in the baked chicken meat. An unusual accent can be made by adding to the recipe a fresh, cherry-free cherry. This berry will add not only piquant sourness, but also a wonderful ruby ​​tint. Experiments with slices of plum, which in caramelized form are perfectly combined with tender chicken meat, are also successful.


Even if the sauce is served along with the main course,it is desirable to put on the table and a saucepan with a small deep spoon on a long handle. Guests can, at their discretion, add the sauce directly to the plate. He looks most effectively in transparent sausages, allowing to consider the amber color and special structure.

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