Sumakh - seasoning of the East

Sumach is a seasoning that is widely used onEast, but they know little and use illiterate in our country. Even more often confused with barberry and zira, but in vain. Sumakh is a spice that can be successfully added to marinades for meat, grilled vegetables, various dressings and sauces. It gives an acidity, a cherry tint and a unique aroma.

sumac seasoning

Guest from the East

The genus Sumach is common in the Mediterraneanregion. Wild sumac can be seen on the dry stony slopes of the mountains in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Many of the sumacs are very decorative, they are decorated with alleys and parks in the southern countries. But some are very poisonous and can provoke burns, allergies and food poisoning. So sumac (seasoning gets to the markets after a minor refining) should be carefully collected, preferably by people who have been tested. Do not buy it in random places. The best choice is a spice store.

Properties of sumac

sumac spice

This seasoning is very saturated with tannins(plant compounds with tanning and disinfecting properties) and specific acids. Thanks to them, the sumac berries have an astringent taste. These properties of dried berries and cause their use as a seasoning. Their main task is to give dishes an acid taste, that is, sumac as a seasoning is used not as a pepper, but as a lemon juice or vinegar, so it is often confused with barberry. It, like sumac (seasoning is similar in its properties), is used for acidifying dishes, for example, pilaf.

How to procure sumac

In the Arab East, this is done very ancientway. Berries are flooded with water, boiled to a density and wiped. It looks like a way of processing pomegranate juice. From the sumac berries, a syrup is obtained in which marinated meat and fish, add to stewed meat and vegetable dishes. In Iran and Turkey, a powder is made from it, which gives the already prepared dishes a bright color.

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Use in dishes

Sumah (seasoning used in freshly ground form)take to sprinkle hot or cold dishes before serving them on the table. It not only gives a pleasant sourness, but also decorates dishes - after all the spice looks like a bright ruby ​​crumb. It fits perfectly, for example, to hummus, setting off its slightly fresh taste. Mixing sumac with onions, get a popular snack. It also comes in a variety of ready-made seasonings. For example, together with pepper and cumin, it comes to beans from beans and for frying meat, and in combination with zira - to smoked pork or lamb. In juice of sumac, you can dip fresh pita bread. Mixing the spice with yogurt, you can fill this mixture with salads. The same composition can be marinated meat. Smoked bacon on a black bread with sumahom - a very original combination.

In Russia, sumac is most often exported fromTurkey. When buying, you need to pay attention to the color of the seasoning - the more intense the red color of the powder, the better it is. The aroma of this spice is almost non-existent, but if stored in an open container, it easily discolores. Distinguish from barberry it is not difficult - acidity of the latter has a more fruity shade.

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