Tea from the dog rose: good and bad. How to make tea with a dogrose?

Recently, tea drinks from various herbs and berries have become very popular. One of the most popular and favorite - tea from the hips. And this is not a new word in health food.

rose hip tea is good and bad

The benefits of dog rose tea have been known since time immemorial

Before the appearance of the fashion for black tea and coffee in ourthe country ubiquitously quenched thirst with other drinks. In summer and autumn, in dry weather, people were collecting useful plants. To the traditional infusion of herbs and berries that we drank every day, there was also tea with a dog rose, the useful properties of which have been known since ancient times. For the brewing, dried not only fruits, but flowers, leaves and even roots. Roots and leaves were used for medicinal purposes, and scented flowers and berries were boiled and insisted in a warm place - this drink turned out to be especially fragrant. To the dog rose were added leaves of raspberry, currant, mint and other fragrant herbs. They made drinks from mixtures of wild rose berries with blueberries, sea buckthorn, chokeberry, blackberries and others.

Who can drink a decoction of wild rose?

Traditional and traditional medicine and in our time inobligatory order recommends everyone to drink tea from the dog rose. The benefits and harms of it depend only on the dosage. In the spring, when we suffer from avitaminosis, twice a day, a decoction of rose hips, or, as it is also called, a wild rose, will only be appropriate. Tea made from rose hips is harmful only in case of excessive consumption of the drink. In reasonable quantities, it improves overall health, normalizes blood pressure and improves metabolism.

How does the wild rose look and grow?

Rosehip - a low, up to two meters, pricklybush. In our country it can be found almost everywhere, with the exception of the Arctic territories. It is also widely distributed in America and Australia. The wild rose served as the basis for selective breeding of shrubs and breeding of ornamental varieties, which are used to decorate parks, gardens, to create bouquets. The fruits of wild and cultivated roses are very similar.

tea from the dog rose harm
This oval berries are red-brown, up to twocentimeters in the longest part. Inside the fruit is covered with numerous bristles, which, when ingested, cause unpleasant sensations. Seeds are white, up to two millimeters in size. For medicinal purposes only wild species are used. Rosehips can not be confused with any other plant. The fragrance of his flowers is very recognizable. No wonder the essential oils obtained from the petals of its flowers are used in perfumery when creating perfumes and for flavoring creams and lotions.

Fruit harvesting

Varieties of dogrose, it is also called not onlywild rose, but also dog rose, as well as cinnamon rose, there are many, but not all of them are considered medicinal. For health and medicinal purposes, the fruits are not round, flattened to the center, but oval and elongated in length. In the medicinal species, the sepals are extended forward, like a peak, but for those without a vitamin value they are twisted backwards, towards the berries, and almost lie on it.

Flowering shrubs from mid-May to July, andripe fruits are harvested in late summer and early autumn. After frosts, they lose their medicinal qualities. And the beneficial properties of rose hip tea are largely due to the content of a large amount of vitamin C in berries, which quickly breaks down at low temperatures.

From fresh hips of wild rose brewed compotes, jams,pastille. Fruit processing is a difficult task, as berries should be cleaned from internal bristles and hard seeds. One kilogram of freshly picked berries produces less than half a kilogram of raw materials suitable for canning.

green tea with rose hips

Internal setae - an unpleasant feature of berries

Berries of dogrose for tea can be taken fresh,Dried, as well as processed into syrup or jam. Since the dogrose inside has its own setae, then processing it presents a certain complexity. These bristles will not cause any inconvenience only if the berries are dried whole and they are not crushed to brew tea. Sometimes, for medicinal purposes, it is recommended to brew dry berries, pre-grind them. So do, if you want to get not just delicious, but also as rich in precious minerals tea from the dog rose. The use of ground berries is that the vitamin E, carotene, tocopherol, oleic, linoleic, linolenic and other acids contained in them are easier to convert into a drink.

What kind of water to use?

One of the primary requirements for teadrink is the quality of the water used for it. Recognized authority in the part of brewing medicinal infusions - Chinese medicine - divides water into seven species. The best - mountain or key, as well as spring water. This water is of the highest quality. The river for useful properties follows it. Next on the list is well water. Nikolay Spafariy, who was an ambassador in Beijing in the 17th century, remembered in his notes that the Chinese did not take water from the nearest ponds for brewing tea, but bought them at the market. It was brought from mountainous areas, and it was very expensive.

rose hip tea

The best water temperature for briar brewing

The temperature of the water for brewing also hasgreat importance. Chinese as the most authoritative experts in the preparation of tea drinks distinguish a great many stages of boiling water. One of the initial stages - bubbles, similar to fish eyes and light noise, then - the splash of water and spray from a collision with the wall of dishes, then - rising from the bottom of the bubbles and "daring" bubbling. It is believed that water, most suitable for brewing tea - when the rising bubbles are like the eyes of a crab. At the first stage of boiling, salt should be thrown into the water, at the second - the dogrose, and at the third - a little cold water to sediment the dogrose and revitalize the freshness of the water. You should know that water can not be boiled repeatedly.

10 secrets of good tea from wild rose berries

Chinese medicine has developed ten rulesthe proper preparation of medicinal broths, in particular, so it is necessary to make tea with a dogrose. Useful properties of the drink will remain most complete, if you act in accordance with the following recommendations:

  1. Grass or berries should be brewed in a thin-walledglass or china ware. Get a good french press, in which you will brew tea from the dog rose. The benefits and harms to the health of any medicinal product are always related to the conditions under which it was prepared. Wellness properties will only have the rightly brewed drink.
  2. Medicinal herbs or berries can not be boiled. Rosehip only pour boiling water. Cooled water can not extract useful substances from it. Long boiling water also does not fit, because with prolonged boiling oxygen escapes from it. Chemical reactions will be inadequate.
  3. Water should be fresh, neutral acidity and not too hard.
  4. Carefully approach the choice of a teapot, in whichyou will boil water to make tea from a dogrose. The benefits and harms of the drink depend directly on the material of the dishes, in which the water was boiled. Enameled, without chipping, utensils, as well as stainless steel and refractory glass. The remaining materials will provoke the occurrence of undesirable chemical reactions.
  5. To filter the broth, you can use a plastic sieve, and metal for this purpose is not suitable.
  6. Before brewing tea with a dog rose,make sure that the dishes in which you are going to do this have not been used for other purposes than cooking herbal decoctions. Make the rule that the dishes for herbal infusions should be kept separate from all other things and do not use it for any other purposes.
  7. Before brewing tea with a dog rose,calculate how many cups you are going to drink. Do not cook for future use. If you brew a dogrose in a thermos for the night, then the next day it should be drunk. Do not brew tea from the dog rose again from the same berries.
  8. Keep dry honeysuckle fruit should be inmetal box, lined inside, on the walls, clean paper. You can use glassware with tightly closed lids for storage. It should shelter the fruits from direct sunlight.
  9. When you drink tea from a dogrose, the recipe can beany. Even if your broth is supplemented with some other herbs or berries, remember that you can not reheat it. With a curative purpose it is supposed to drink only hot and fresh.
  10. If there is film or foam on the surface of the broth, do not remove them. These are essential oils and resins, which are considered the most useful part of medicinal drink.
    how to make tea with a dog rose

What determines the quality of the fruit?

Hips of dog rose contain fruit sugar,organic acids. According to the content of vitamin C, the dogrose outruns almost all plant products. Its quantity directly depends on the place of growth, the degree of maturity and the quality of drying and storage. You should not pick berries from bushes growing in the city. To do this, it is better to go to the ecologically clean zones, which are practically in every region of Russia. Dry fruits retain useful properties for two years.

The unique composition and beneficial effect of berries and tea

Fruits contain sugars, organic acids, in addition to the above-mentioned vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, AT2), vitamins P and PP, K, carotene, tanninssubstances, flavonoids, salts of iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, etc. Rosehip tea has a multivitamin, anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic effect. It is very effective as a choleretic and diuretic. Rosehip stops internal bleeding. Vitamin C improves oxidation-reduction processes in the body, enhances the synthesis of hormones and the activity of enzymes. In addition, it promotes the renewal of tissues, increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects.

tea from the hips [

Green tea with rose hips

Green tea with hips is recommended to drink whenhypertension, for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. It is very good as a restorative. It is better to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a good preventative against many diseases. It normalizes the state of the nervous system, strengthens the potency. Green tea with wild rose berries alleviates painful symptoms with gynecological and urological problems, promotes the healing of internal wounds and ulcers.

tea from dogrose contraindications

Tea from the dog rose: good and bad

Diuretic properties of dogrose are used whentreatment of urolithiasis. When inflammation of the gastric mucosa caused by a low acidity of gastric juice, patients also prescribe tea from the dog rose. Contraindications are diseases accompanied by high acidity. Since dog rose has a pronounced diuretic effect, it should be taken with caution to people with problems in the cardiovascular system.

Multivitamin Drink

Preventive and multivitamin tea from berriesThe cinnamon rose is brewed as follows. Two full tablespoons of dry crushed fruits are poured into a glass of boiling water and kept in a water bath for about ten minutes. Then half an hour they insist in a warm place. Filter through the gauze filter and drink a third of a glass a day after eating.

Rosehip tea helps with anemia,haemophilia, diathesis hemorrhagic character, diarrhea, tuberculosis and colds, it is drunk with neurasthenia as a sedative. Briar helps to facilitate the flow of very many diseases. This is a universally recognized multivitamin and general restorative means of a wide spectrum of action.

properties of hiphop tea

Effective decoction for the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines

Thanks to the rich and well-balancedthe composition of dogrose is widely used in the treatment of a large number of diseases. The fruits of this shrub are included in many medicinal collections. If the stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer, as well as in the case of protracted gastritis, the following collection is very effective:

  • berries of dog rose, 3 parts;
  • Swamp grass (grass), 1 part;
  • petals of white roses, 1 part;
  • flowers of chemist's daisy, 1 part;
  • marigold flowers, 1 part;
  • horsetail field (shoots), 1 part;
  • wormwood grass (grass), 2 parts;
  • Common larvae (grass), 2 parts;
  • yarrow (flowers), 7 parts;
  • plantain (leaves), 4 parts;
  • St. John's wort pitted (grass), 4 parts;
  • dill (seeds), 3 parts.

A tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water (0.5 liters),Strain 30 minutes, filter and drink during the day in several receptions, 15-20 minutes before meals. The taste is infused with wormwood and a lot of yarrow bitter. Tea from the dog rose, the recipe of which is given above, can be prepared from fresh berries and herbs. In this case, the proportions remain.

tea with wild rose

Rosehip tea is best sweetenednatural flower honey. Only honey can not be put in boiling water. He will lose his useful properties from this. Try to prepare a drink from wild rose berries with brown cane sugar. This is delicious.

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