Manty: recipe is easier than it seems

Manty is a traditional dish of oriental cuisine. In one form or another, and under different names, it is found in the kitchens of almost all the peoples of the southeast and east of Russia and many others, but the essence of all of them is one: a juicy chopped meat wrapped in a steamed into a thin, fresh dough. This combination of products and cooking techniques makes their taste different from cooked in water dishes, for example, dumplings - they are more juicy and fragrant. Mantas, the recipe of which has been known for thousands of years, are prepared from fatty meat, most often mutton, but in other cases pork and even beef are allowed. Only in the case of beef it is better to twist it through a meat grinder along with lard or fat pork, and take the beef low-fat. Meat necessarily must be fat because it is necessary in order to make the dish juicy - this is very important.

So, the selected meat should be cut alongfibers on long pieces and a little frostbite, and then chop into small pieces. This is also very important - mince mantles are fundamentally different from mantles from chopped meat. Also, in order for the mantles to turn out juicy, a lot of onions need to be added to the meat - almost or as much as meat itself. Some people prepare manti, the recipe of which sometimes resembles similar Chinese dishes: they add cabbage and finely chopped boiled water with onions. This excellent find allows not only to make them very juicy, but also gives a very unusual taste, on which it is impossible to understand that cabbage was used in cooking. The ratio of meat and vegetables remains the same - about 1: 1. As a rule, garlic is added to such mantles, the recipe of which means the addition of cabbage, although most often it is not present in the mantle recipe. They can also have a different form and are otherwise called, but the basic concept is the same. For traditional mantles, spices such as black pepper, zira and sometimes greens are used.

The recipe for the mantle test can also be used in somecases differ. Traditionally, it is prepared from two to three eggs. A glass of water and flour - the amount that it will take, usually two glasses. Sometimes dough for mantas is prepared on milk, and often it is done at all without adding any liquid: in this case it turns out more dense and elastic, but it is worse molded, but it guarantees to a greater degree that after cooking the mantas remain intact, and the tastiest broth will remain inside them. Also, the dough, consisting of eggs and flour, is perfect if the mantle is supposed to be frozen. Since in this case they will have to cook at least twice as long. The dough for mantles is stirred for a long time, about 20 minutes, and then it must rest for as long as the flour is soaked in liquid, and it becomes more elastic.

Next, consider the most difficult question: how to make manta rays. Their seemingly complicated at first sight form is actually done very simply. Take a small, somewhere around 50 grams, a piece of dough and roll out to about a thickness of 1-2 millimeters, and the diameter of the circle should be about 12 centimeters. At its center is laid out so much meat, which is placed in a tablespoon with a good slide. Then diametrically opposite parts of the circle are tied over the meat in the middle, and also done with the remaining edges. It turns out, as it were, a rectangular envelope sealed in the middle. Its corners are also connected in pairs with each other, and traditional-shaped mantles are ready. In some cases, for example, called poses, the shape will be slightly different: the dough is tucked in creases in the center, and a small hole is left in the middle, and, by the way, they are made with garlic.

Cooked manti, a recipe for cookingMeans chopped meat, a few minutes longer than those that are made with minced meat. In a typical steamer mounted on a stove, manta rays are minced for about 7 minutes at maximum heat, and 10-15 for meat. In the electric steamer, the process can take a long time, sometimes up to half an hour, or even an hour. Frozen mantles should be cooked twice as long as usual. In the water you can add spices - it will add a subtle flavor. The readiness of the mantles can be checked by the transparency of the broth, which will be seen through the left holes.

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