Cooking Bigos: Polish recipe

Despite some common Slavic features,Polish cuisine is still very original and original. One of its central dishes is the famous Bigos. The Polish recipe for this soup is quite complicated and laborious, but the result is above all praise. And the ingredients in it are quite affordable. With a shortage of time, you can try to simplify the recipe or even make a bigos in a multivark, but for the first time it's worth trying. Try to follow all the rules of the classic recipe. So, we are preparing the classic Bigos.

Bigos: Polish recipe

Polish recipe: necessary preparations

Many decades ago, every decentPolish housewife in the pantry was necessarily an impressive tub or pot full of bigos. The more it stays in the cool, the fuller its flavor will be. With such a dish you could treat an unexpected guest, feed a wanderer or a hunter, and even for a festive table it's hard to think of anything better. For the Christmas evening, too, the bigos was prepared. The Polish recipe has not changed much now. You will have to be patient - it should be cooked for three days. So, take three dried pears and fill them with half a glass of red dry wine, leave overnight. Handful of dried mushrooms pour water, leave for an hour.

Preparation of bigos
Rinse and cook until cooked, strain the broth. Melt two tablespoons of the heated pork fat, known as smalets, in a deep frying pan. Peel and finely chop two large onions, fry in fat. Add to the onions various meat products, all of them should be about a kilogram. The main secret of success is diversity. It is most delicious to use both boiled beef, and boiled pork, and fried pork, and a couple of duck or chicken pieces, several different kinds of smoked sausages and sausages, as well as fatty ham. All this must be cut before sending it to a frying pan in small cubes. Twenty minutes after the commencement of frying, everything should be transferred to a deep, half-full pot of water, in which the bigos will be boiled. The Polish recipe advises you to proceed as follows: in the smilts, left in a frying pan after frying, pour in tomato juice, boil and put there the freshly squeezed cabbage. Put out a quarter of an hour, cover it with a lid, then send it to the pre-prepared meat. Pre-soaked in wine pears cut into strips, and mix the wine with a tablespoon of plum jam. Add all this to the soup. Finally, the last component is an apple. Take two, preferably sweet and sour, peel and cut into slices. Add the bay leaf and send to the fire.

Bigos in the Multivariate

Varim Bigos

Preparation of bigos must be very long,only then the products reveal all their tastes and aromas as harmoniously as possible. As soon as the dish begins to boil, add a little sugar, pepper and salt to it. Try it on the palate - it should be very spicy. Quench under the lid for sixty minutes, periodically mixing thoroughly. If the bigos are left without attention, it will burn very quickly. If the liquid boils out too quickly, add a little water, but remember that the bigos should be thick enough. After an hour the dish should be cleaned in the cold for a day. In a day again, put it out for about half an hour and clean it up again. Finally, put out the last half hour. Only now the classic soup can be called ready. Such a long preparation really provides an amazing taste, so you will not regret your efforts.

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