Pancakes delicate thin: a detailed recipe for cooking

Openwork pancakes on milk are obtained not onlyvery beautiful, but also delicious. It is also worth noting that for their preparation a standard set of products (for such a dish) is used, but in more unusual proportions.

pancakes openwork

Openwork pancakes: a recipe for a delicious and beautiful dessert

Necessary ingredients:

  • fresh milk (preferably rustic) - 3 full glasses;
  • eggs large chicken - 6 pieces;
  • sand sugar - 3 large spoons;
  • soda food - pinch;
  • wheat flour - 6 large spoons with a "slide";
  • Sunflower oil - 20 ml;
  • common salt - a pinch;
  • butter - 100 g (for lubricating pancakes).

Dough preparation process

Pancakes are delicate are very beautifuldue to the fact that during the preparation of a large number of eggs are added to the base. They must be broken up, the proteins separated from the yolks, put in different dishes. To yolks it is required to pour 3 large spoons of granulated sugar, and then carefully stretch them with a fork. Next, you need to sift the wheat flour and mix it together with salt and baking soda. After that, the base should be poured fresh milk and a little vegetable oil. Now you need to mix all the ingredients, gradually pour in the prepared flour.

openwork pancakes recipe
In order to fully open pancakescorrespond to their name, they are also recommended to add proteins. However, before that, they should be thoroughly beaten with a mixer or blender with a whisk. After this, the foam mass should be carefully poured into the dough, and then mix again and left aside for a couple of minutes.

Pancakes delicate and the process of their preparation

For frying such a beautiful dessert followsUse a skillet, which must be heated on high heat. To make the first pancake perfect, it is recommended to add a couple of spoons of sunflower oil to the dishes and wait until it boils. Next, you need to scoop the ladle air base and pour it into the pan in a circular motion. To pancakes openwork turned thin and with holes, the dough should be quickly distributed over the surface of the dishes. After that, the fire can be slightly reduced.

When the bottom of thin pancakes is browned,they should be turned with a shovel. It is recommended to put out the ready dessert with a pile, but before that from both sides carefully lubricate with butter. As a result of such actions, you will surely get beautiful openwork pancakes, from which even a person who watches his figure can not refuse.

Openwork pancakes with milk

Correct feed to the table

Blanched and oiled pancakesit is recommended to serve the table only when hot. Also, with such a delicious dessert, guests should be presented with hot tea, fresh honey, condensed milk, jam, jam or other sweets.

Helpful advice

If you are problematic enough to lubricate pancakespieces of butter with a fork, it is recommended to melt the cooking oil slightly on the plate, and then use a special brush. Also in the process of melting, a little honey can be added to this product.

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