Chalet is a warm and cozy house in the mountains

From ancient times in the Alps lived shepherds who sought to build for their families the most comfortable and reliable homes. Chalet - this is a rural house in the mountains.

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Experts believe that the first chalet appeared on thesouth-east of France, near the border with Switzerland and Italy. True, the French consider it a "Swiss house". Therefore, the design of houses in the style of the chalet is rightly called Alpine.

Quite quickly, small residential buildings inmountains have become very popular. The same can be said about the interior decoration of this kind of houses. Over time, the interior of the chalet became more solid, but it did not change its design features and traditional characteristics. Chalets are still very warm, reliable and somewhat romantic houses. According to psychologists, such houses in the most beautiful places near the mountains build romance.

Another weighty argument in favor of the growth of the popularity of the chalet can be considered the mass enthusiasm of many people for different types of skiing and active recreation at the resorts and ski resorts.

Today, such houses are built everywhere in Canada,Germany, the USA and, of course, in Russia. They are erected even where there are no mountains and nearby. A vivid example of this development is the Moscow suburbs, where whole villages are built in the alpine style.

It is quite natural for a man to live inenvironmentally friendly housing. Alpine houses are built only from solid wood. Finishing them also allows the use of only wood, excluding plastic or metal. In some cases, stone or brick may be used to finish the ground floor.

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Chalet - a house that is even outside the housefrom other rural structures. It has a special roof: a gable, strongly protruding above the walls of the building. This construction is not accidental - it reliably protects the house from getting wet and heavy (in the mountains) snowfalls.

There are also special features in the interior of the chalet. This is primarily rural comfort and simplicity. Previously, from the inside, the surface of the walls of the alpine house was not additionally processed - natural stone and wood were the decoration of the dwelling. Later, the walls began to be plastered, and in some cases even painted, and the walls of the tree decorated with carvings and varnished.

However, despite some changes in theinterior, chalet-style houses, whose designs are created by modern specialists, invariably retain their characteristic features. This is a kind of country style. In its interior it is easy to see Alpine motifs: coniferous trees, mountain flowers and so on.

These motifs can be reflected in textiles, decorfloors and walls (skins and horns on the walls emphasize the style). Doors are usually decorated with wreaths of dry mountain plants - grasses or flowers. In the kitchen, as a rule, a large number of dishes made of clay.

Especially attractive are specially agedthe floors of the chalets. The flooring in the alpine house is a massive board, not painted, not varnished. In the kitchen, the bathroom floors can be tiled with natural stone.

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On the ceilings in the chalet are always present large beams from the array - dark, not whitened. The ceiling is also wooden.

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