What amount is not taxed: the subtleties of taxation

The income of an individual is taxed. Every citizen knows this. However, not everyone is aware that some of the funds can be returned to themselves, and not everything is subject to taxation. What amount is not taxed? In each case, different figures are taken. It all depends on what kind of operation a citizen performed, and also on what amount. However, traditionally, incomes are taxed at a rate of thirteen percent. But you can also receive benefits, which it will be useful to learn to everyone.

Income. What can be taxed

The income of an individual is, in a broad sensewords, money or other material values, less the costs incurred by the citizen. There is such a thing as an income tax. This is a certain amount of deduction that a citizen pays to the state.

The following types of taxable incomes can be classified:

  • Revenues from the sale of any property that was owned by a citizen for less than three years.
  • Revenues at the main place of work and from work on combination and part-time work.
  • From leasing your property to other people.
  • Wins of all kinds, including lottery.
  • Other incomes of the citizen of the country.

what amount is not taxed

Income that is not taxable

To the list of incomes, from which the citizen does not pay taxes, it is possible to carry:

  • Revenues from the sale of property that has been in use for more than three years.
  • Income derived by right of inheritance.
  • Income from property, which was issued as a gift from any member of the family.

Tax rates: from thirteen to thirty five

The tax on the amount is paid as a percentage. For each of the activities there is a rate. It is for this purpose that the amount of the tax is calculated directly.

Thus, the most common rate of thirteen percent applies to the following types of income:

  • Salary and other charges associated with the labor activity of an individual.
  • Revenues from the sale of property of different types.

A rate of fifteen percent is used to withhold taxes from the income received from dividends of the organization located in the territory of Russia.

The tax rate at a rate of thirty percentApplying for labor or other activities that generate income for non-residents of the country. The maximum rate at a rate of 35 percent is applied in those cases when the citizen has received a prize.

what amount is not taxed upon sale

Wage. How is it taxed?

Everyone knows that with income earned from work, it is necessary to pay taxes. What amount of salary is not taxed? Here there can be several options:

  • Receiving material assistance.
  • Presence of tax deductions.
  • Compensatory payments.

In all the above cases, the employee has the right to maintain a certain amount, which does not take the tax.

In other cases, the employee's salary is subject to taxation at a rate of thirteen percent.

what amount per year is not taxed

Material aid. Are taxes taken?

Material assistance, as already mentioned above,is paid in full, without any withholding in favor of the state. What is the amount of tax per year? Material assistance is not levied until its accruing total for the year reaches four thousand rubles. This is described in the Tax Code. This includes payments that the company carries out according to the collective agreement or other internal documents of the employer.

That is, if the employee received a materialhelp in the amount of five thousand rubles, then he must pay only 130 rubles, that is, the tax is taken only from one thousand. In a situation where the employee received other material assistance during the year, for example, in the total amount of a thousand rubles, and then he was issued with four more, then in this case four out of four thousand will also be taxed alone.

However, it is worth noting that some materialaid are not taxed at all, for example, for the burial of an employee. The same is true of the amount that is given for the birth of a child. What amount is not taxed in this case? At least fifty thousand rubles, but per child. That is, the amounts given to both parents are taken into account.

 what amount is taxed when selling a car

Tax deductions for children and for themselves

There is such a thing as tax deductions. What amount is not taxed? Children have their own deductions. Depending on how the child is on the account, his parent brings up one, whether he has a disability, and the amount can vary. In general, the first child under eighteen, raised in a full family, saves the parent 182 rubles per month, which helps to get about two thousand a year "in his arms." To receive a deduction, you must provide a number of documents to the accounting department, for example, the birth certificate of the child.

However, there are limits. So, the income accruing for the year should not exceed 350 thousand rubles. So, if the parent receives thirty-five thousand, then by the tenth month he will lose the right to this benefit.

Tax deductions for an employee are less common. They can be used by combatants, as well as invalids of the first and second groups. For example, the latter are entitled to a deduction of five hundred rubles. This means that in a month they save 65 rubles. The amount is not big enough, but in general it also helps to save money.

Compensatory payments

What amount is not subject to income tax inaccrual of an employee? These include payments of a compensatory nature. For example, if an employee underwent a medical examination, as he was put in for harmful production, the sum was returned to him completely, without taxes.

The same applies to payments related tomotherhood. A woman receives her maternity allowance, a one-time benefit, and also the so-called "vacation" when taking leave to care for her child in pure form. Tax deductions from these amounts are not made.

The same situation applies to employee reduction payments. Compensation for several months, when the employee is on the labor exchange, is not taxed.

what amount is not taxed on children

Buying and selling cars. Subtleties

What amount is not taxed for laboractivity, it is understandable. However, sometimes a citizen has the opportunity to buy or sell property, for example, a car. There are nuances associated with the tax service.

For example, a car buyer does not receive anyprofit, on the contrary, he spends his money. In this case, he does not have to pay any taxes for the purchase. However, if the car is a run, then both parties to the transaction must pay a transportation tax. At the end of the year, each party must pay the amount for the period during which it owned the car.

The seller of the vehicle, in turn,receives income. Therefore, he must file a declaration no later than the thirtieth of April of the year following the year of the transaction. The rate in this case is used, as well as income from work, that is, at a rate of thirteen percent.

What amount is taxable on salethe car? Indeed, there are subtleties that help you save on selling a vehicle. So, no transaction with a car, the cost of which is less than 250 thousand rubles, is not taxed. In the case where the car is more expensive, the amount is deducted from the amount, and the tax is withdrawn from the balance.

As already mentioned above, it is not imposed at alltax a vehicle that has already been in use for more than three years. The same applies to a car that is sold at a loss, that is, it was purchased for a larger amount than it was received on sale. In principle, it becomes clear what amount when selling a car is not taxed. In general, 250 thousand.

what amount of salary is not taxed

Buying and selling of real estate

What amount is not taxable when buying or selling an apartment? It all depends on who the citizen is, the buyer or the seller.

When selling an apartment that was inowning more than three years, you should apply to the tax authorities with a statement. This will help avoid paying taxes in general for the seller. What amount is not taxed on sale in the opposite case? The tax is levied on the amount that exceeds the amount of one million rubles.

The buyer of the same property has every right toreceiving a tax deduction from the amount of two million rubles. To do this, he also needs to contact the tax inspectorate. After submitting the declaration, he can choose two options: to get the amount directly from the tax or to reduce his taxes at the main place of work. However, the amount of repayment for a year can not exceed the amount of tax paid at the main place of its work. That is, if a citizen pays taxes for a year in the amount of ten thousand rubles, then only this amount will be returned to him.

what amount of car sales is not taxed

Knowledge of taxation rules helps to savefacilities. That is why a citizen is best before applying for a tax code before buying or selling. Also, an employee should be aware of his rights, demanding that the employer execute them. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the possibility of obtaining tax deductions, as well as provide all the documents to the accounting department. The employee can also independently calculate whether the tax is properly charged.

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