What documents are needed for a mortgage: help the borrower

With the help of mortgages, citizens can becomefull-fledged owners of residential properties. This is the most common option for buying an apartment in Russia on bail of purchased or existing property. In case of non-payment (non-fulfillment) of the loan, the pledged property is put up for sale, and the proceeds from sales go to repay the principal. Today almost all credit institutions issue mortgages on favorable terms, but you can find out about what documents are needed for a mortgage in banks.

what documents are needed for a mortgage,

In Russia, mortgage programs are supported bystate level and in special mortgage agencies. To begin with, the borrower will need to pass a solvency check in the credit institution. What documents are needed for a mortgage? The main documents are a passport and a certificate confirming income (2 PIT). It is also allowed to provide their income in the form of a bank. After pre-selection, the future borrower will require documents that confirm the labor, family and social situation.

What documents are needed for a mortgage in the second stage?

The creditor bank will request a copy of the followingdocuments: work record book, TIN, insurance certificate, education diploma, military ID card, marriage (divorce) documents, birth of a child and characteristics from the place of permanent employment. At the next stage, the title documents for the loan object, as well as the BTI passport with the technical description of the property are submitted. This is a standard package, which Sberbank necessarily requires.

Mortgage: what documents are needed additionally

Savings Bank What documents are needed

Each credit institution puts forwardown conditions and list of documents. The credit manager thoroughly studies the borrower's file and considers applications on favorable terms for the client. For example, a social mortgage with state subsidies requires a person with narrowly focused documents. The exact list can be found in local bodies that deal with these issues.

Military Mortgage: what documents are needed to receive it?

The main difference is thatthe initial contribution is made from the accumulation account of the serviceman. Funds to the account are transferred by the federal budget. Payments for mortgages are paid by the Ministry of Defense. Everyone who has served for at least three years can purchase housing under the program of the accumulative-mortgage system (NIS). Initially, the participant of the NIS provides a military ticket, TIN, NIS certificate, income certificate, work record (copy). More precise information and a list of necessary documents you will find in the bank.

What documents are needed for a mortgage

I would like to highlight the standard list of documents required for registration of the transaction:

military mortgage what documents are needed


- For men - military ticket;


- certificate of pension insurance;

- certificates, diplomas;

- references confirming a permanent source of income;

- a copy of the labor, which is certified by the employer;

- a document on the birth of children;

The Bank is entitled to demand the following documents for more detailed verification:

- certificate from the psycho-neurological clinic;

-Providing documents for property (car, dacha, apartment, house, plot);

-Passports of family members.

Before you make a purchase transaction under the mortgage program, weigh the pros and cons, because in Russia the interest rate is not that small, and sometimes it takes a lifetime to pay.

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