How to transfer money from Yandex to WebMoney

Especially active users of electronic moneysooner or later they face the need to transfer their funds between the purses of different payment systems. Most often - it's Yandex. Money and Webmoney. In order for the transfer procedure to be successful, it is necessary to observe several specific conditions, which we will discuss below.

So, before you transfer money from Yandexon WebMoney, you need to get an account and, accordingly, a purse in these payment systems. First of all, you need to identify your account in Yandex, and for this you will have to provide the service with all the necessary documents that certify your identity. Usually this is passport data and identification number.

The next step is how to transfer money from Yandexon Webmoney, will receive a certificate in Webmoney system, the level of which will be not lower than the formal one. To get it, you should contact the Certification Center of this system and also provide (enter into the form) all the necessary data. Plus, you need to download a copy of your passport and identification number. Thus, the moderator will be able to check whether the data indicated in the form correspond to reality and will increase the level of the certificate. It is necessary to clarify whether the data in both systems coincide. If you find an error somewhere, it must be fixed.

At the next stage, how to transfer money fromYandex on WebMoney, it is necessary to make the binding of the account of one system to the purse of the other. To do this, go to the Webmoney website and find the section called "Account Operations". There you should select the icon with the image Yandex.Money, then enter the account number and send the request for binding. To you in the report should come the so-called number of checks that you need to remember, write down or save somewhere.

Further, before transferring money from Yandexon WebMoney, you will need to confirm the implementation of the binding procedure on the Yandex service. Money. To do this, you will need to enter the verification number you received before. If all actions are done correctly, then in both systems you will see a new window showing that the necessary service is safely attached, and now they can be used without hindrance.

The last moment is how to translate Yandex.Money on WebMoney, is the authorization in the Yandex system. On the main page, under the very number of your account, you will see a Webmoney icon. On it it is necessary to click that there was a form which it is necessary to fill, that successfully to carry out transfer of means. You must specify the payment amount and confirm the specified operation by entering the appropriate password and verification code. Just remember, in the Yandex service. Money transfers amount between payment systems are limited.

Now you know how to transfer money from Yandexon WebMoney. Do you know how to cash this e-currency? In this there is nothing complicated. You just need to log in to the site of the system and select "Output" in the "More" tab. Before you open the page, where you will find a list of the most popular ways of cashing Webmoney. You can use any of them. The most convenient way is to transfer funds to a bank card. It can also be linked to the system and, if necessary, to transfer WMZ or WMR there. If there are dealers in your city, you can exchange money from them, but in this case, you will lose a little, because in addition to the standard Webmoney commission, you will have to pay a certain percentage to the dealer, or exchange at a rate that is several points lower, than in the bank. Also you can withdraw money by postal order or Western Union, but then be ready for an even larger commission. But, in any case, the decision to take only you.

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