How to withdraw money from WebMoney? The five main ways

It has long been known that it is more pleasant for the broad massesto hold money in your hands, than to look at the mythical figures of an electronic account. It is at such moments that there is an irresistible desire to withdraw money from "WebMoney". A person is more used to dealing with something that has real value, and not virtual information. Let's figure out how to withdraw money from "WebMoney", because it is much more convenient to have money somewhere in the purse or under the pillow than in the virtual account.

how to withdraw money from webmoney


When it comes to Webmoney, the aspirationquickly withdraw funds from the account - a normal reaction, given the habit of the service to block wallets without much reason. That's why every user should know how to withdraw money through Webmoney. Legally wmz or wmr is not money, but simply "title signs" that do not have value. Of course, many may object: "Rubles - this is the same conventional unit, which has a certain value only in the existence of the Russian Federation." However, consider who you are more confident in trusting your own funds: an offshore company or the government?

how to withdraw money via webmoney

How to withdraw money from WebMoney? Five ways

In order to transfer funds to yourself inpocket, first of all you need to get a certificate "WebMoney", which allows you to make various bank transfers easier and faster. In addition, before you withdraw money from "WebMoney", install a Keeper Classic program on your computer, which will make the procedure even easier.

  1. The first way is to withdraw money through the nearest Webmoney office. Have to go or go. All you need is a formal certificate, obtained on the site, and a passport.

  2. Internet services that provide services for the conclusionmeans. Not every one of them is qualitative and conscientious. It is important not to forget about known security measures, then you will get to avoid trouble and withdraw money with a small commission. It should be remembered that Webmoney does not approve anonymous transfers to bank cards through exchangers. Therefore, it is possible that to perform the operation it will be necessary to provide a copy of the passport and a photocopy of the card itself.

  3. Another payment system. How to get Yandex.Money on "WebMoney" and back? For this purpose, there is a service of binding accounts to bank cards or to the purses of other payment systems. To work with it you need a certificate with confirmed data at least formal.

  4. Bank transfer.Banking Webmoney Transfer is withdrawing money. With the help of this service, you can withdraw funds by bank payments. Banking Webmoney Transfer works with WM-purses R, Z, U and E. In addition, the service allows you not only to withdraw funds, but also to replenish your purses with a bank transfer, as well as view the details of bank transfers and their history.

    withdraw Yandex money on webmoney

  5. WM-Card.This service is used by WebMoney Transfer users for ordering and servicing of "Network Settlement Chamber" cards. Before withdrawing money from "WebMoney" in this way, you must order one of the payment cards. Any participant of "Webmani", who has reached the age of 16 and has a certificate of at least a formal one, can purchase it. These payment cards can be used for online settlements and offline payments.

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