Why does not the "Kiwi" purse last? Scammers' tricks

Why the "Kiwi" wallet does not work since the spring of 2014of the year? It is this issue that seriously worries many Internet users and customers of the Kiwi payment system (QIWI). For a couple of months there are not only failures in the site, but also terminals. What are the reasons?

why the kiwi wallet does not work

Political version

The brand "Kiwi" (QIWI) in Russia became known since 2008of the year. This payment system and the bank can become a strong competitor to Sberbank. This network "conquered" eight countries: Jordan, USA, Brazil, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan. With eleven countries (Ukraine, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Peru, China, Malaysia, India, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) works on franchising and with three countries (Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia) - under license.

The official site ends with ".com" (.com), but there is also a Russian analogue in the domain zone ".ru" (.ru). Users of the QIWI payment system noticed a malfunction in the terminals and the site at about the same time that the situation in Ukraine began to deteriorate. Many customers believe that failures in the work with the site are due to the influence of America, which has political disagreements with Russia. But these are only observations of Internet users, since there are quite reasonable explanations why the "Kiwi" purse does not work.

Technical version

Before the crash, there was one official website (, where there was an English-language and Russian-language version. In the spring, the Kiwi-purse team started work on another new site in the domain zone ".ru" ( That's why it was impossible to enter the official website. However, technical works were not conducted around the clock and without warning to their customers.

Those customers who subscribed to the newsQIWI-purse, were informed of possible difficulties with working with the site. Other users at the entrance to the wallet saw a warning about technical work and apologies for causing inconvenience. Now both sites work without problems.

Also, many difficulties arose because of browsers. That's why programmers advise you to update old versions to new ones, so that any service works, including "Kiwi" purse. The QIWI site does not work in this case because of the inconsistency with the browser. In this case, you need to clean the cookies or go to the wallet through another browser (best of all, "Google Chrome").

Why does not the "Kiwi" purse work? Fraud version

does the kiwi wallet work?

Due to the popularity of QIWI's electronic wallet, fraudulent sites with its brand began to appear on the Internet. This can also lead to the fact that a person can not get into his office.

How to distinguish this site from fraudulent? At the moment, the official addresses of Kiwi include the following addresses:

  • хттпс: //кикиви.ru/
  • хттпс: //в.киви.ком /
  • https: //
  • https: //visa.kivi.kom/
  • (old version)

As you can see, the official website ends afterpoints to "com" or "py" and uses the secure protocol https. Pay attention to the lock in the browser, on the real sites of kiwi it is green and has official confirmation.

Among the fraudulent sites that use the brand "Kiwi", identified:

  • xttp: //
  • хттп: //нев-кики.ру
  • хттп: //згйви.ру
  • https: //
  • xttp: //

Scammers do not use a secure protocol,words are diluted by dashes or written together, since in official versions a dot is used after each word or letter. In order not to fall into the hands of scammers, listen to the warnings of the browser, which when passing to a dubious site gives a table about possible errors in security certificates.

When you get to the fraudulent Kiwi site andenter your data, then you will be transferred to another address. Thus scammers receive passwords from your wallet. And that's why the "Kiwi" purse does not work when you try to enter the official website again.

kiwi wallet does not work site

Summary results

The team of electronic wallet "Kiwi" offersfor work simple and convenient interface. Any operations with money are reflected in your office. If there are failures in the terminal or on the site, you should contact technical support for assistance.

In case of any attempts to crack the wallet, please contactsecurity system. By the way, on official versions in the security section, information on various types of fraud using the QIWI brand (phishing, malicious software, lotteries, HYIPs, "mutual funds", etc.) is posted.

If you constantly receive news from officialsites and study information about QIWI's work, then you will not have a question: does the "Kiwi" purse work? The payment system, bank, purse operate in its mode.

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