Several popular ways how to withdraw money from Webmoney

Those who have already been engaged for a long timethis or that electronic business, have long found for themselves the best way how to withdraw money from Webmoney. For those who are just going to try their luck in Internet activities, but do not know how to further cash the e-currency, several recommendations will be very useful. In fact, nothing complicated in this. All you need to have for this is a bank plastic card. But this is not necessary, because there are ways of cashing and without a card. But first things first.

So, you started working on the Internet, openedpurse in the payment system and have already received the first money on it. Now hold her in your arms, do not you? There are several ways how to cash Webmoney. One of them is the exchange of your electronic funds to the real ones of dealers or exchange offices. They exist in almost every city. Their list can be found on the Webmoney website, in the "More" tab. When you click on it, you will see a menu in which you need to select the "Output" option. On the opened page, among the most popular methods of withdrawal, select "Exchange points and dealers". Click in this heading on the type of currency that you need to exchange, and before you open a list of countries and areas. Select the one you need and see if your city is on the list that appears. If there is, then next to you will see a link to the address of the exchange. If your city is not available, then this way, how to withdraw money from Webmoney, does not suit you, you need another one.

Try to transfer funds to a bank card.See which banks the system works by clicking on the currency you need in the "Bank card" section. If in your city there is one of these banks, you can draw up a card from them and link it to the system, following the instructions. Earned funds will be received instantly, as soon as you make a withdrawal of Webmoney to the card. If you have a Visa card issued by any other bank, you can also link it to Webmoney, but the money, in this case, will go a little longer - from one to three days. But you will avoid the bank commission. Commission system itself is 0.8% of the withdrawal amount, so keep this in mind when cashing in this way.

Another option is how to withdraw money fromWebmoney, can be an online service that allows you to display any electronic currency on a ruble card (for example, and others). The list of banks with which such a system works is available by visiting its website. In addition, these services allow you to withdraw funds from other payment systems at a fairly favorable rate. The money is deposited into your card account within three minutes. However, with their help you can transfer finances only to your own card, this is a mandatory condition. Therefore, when registering on this resource, it is necessary to enter reliable information, which must coincide with the data entered when registering the Webmoney purse.

If these ways, how to withdraw money from Webmoney,you for some reason do not like, you can use the usual postal order. But it will suit you, if you deduce rubles or hryvnia and if you are ready, in addition to the Webmoney commission, to pay a commission of mail, and this, in total, will amount to more than 3% of the amount. Going your money will be from 2 to 5 days. If you print euros or dollars, then the mail will not work for you. In this case, you can use the service Western Union. The interest for the transfer here is also decent, and the period of receipt is about two days.

Perhaps, these are the most popular methods of inferenceelectronic money. On the Webmoney website, you can learn more about these methods in more detail, or maybe choose another one. But in our opinion, the most convenient and least expensive one is the withdrawal to a bank plastic card.

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