Return of money to the card upon return of goods: terms, procedure description, recommendations

Over the past few years,there is a fairly steady tendency towards an increase in the number of people who prefer to pay their small and large purchases by bank transfer. Therefore it is not surprising that many modern consumers are interested in how and in what terms the money is returned to the card when returning the goods. After reading this article, you will learn about the basic nuances of this procedure.

Consumer Rights

Those who want to understand how to returnmoney for goods, paid by a bank card, should know what rights the buyer has. Provisions on this procedure are fixed at the legislative level. They are regulated by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". These regulatory documents detail the procedure for the return of goods and money spent on them.

return of money to the card upon return of goods

In those cases when it comes to products,which has any defects, which the seller has not notified the buyer, the latter has the right to demand the return of the spent amount, free elimination of the marriage, reimbursement of costs for the restoration of the product, a significant reduction in the sale price or replacement by another equivalent product.

Unsatisfactory quality

Before requesting a refund to the cardwhen returning goods, it is necessary to understand what specifically can be regarded as a marriage. Almost every day we make small and large purchases. And sometimes the consumer can not immediately check the quality of the goods. Having discovered defects, the buyer has every reason to go to the store and return a substandard thing. In the circumstances, the seller is obliged to reimburse her full value.

repayment period for the goods on the card

It is necessary to remember that the return of money for the goods,bought on the card, is made on the basis of its non-compliance with the requirements prescribed in the officially valid GOSTs. Also, a consumer can return a thing to the store that does not satisfy it with his own set, color, size or shape.

Period of refund for the goods on the card

Everything is important to do on time.For example, if the consumer returns the product within the first fourteen days after the purchase, it will be much easier for him to deal with the seller. According to the current legislation, before the expiration of this period, you can return not only a defective thing, but also one that was bought in the proper condition. A person who does not like something can ask for his money back. To do this, he must write an official claim to the name of the store's director. It should contain an accurate description of the problem. After that the seller is obliged to return the purchase price within three days. In addition, substandard products can be sent to the seller throughout the warranty period.

a refund to the card after the return of the goods

Those who want to understand how to demand a returnmoney on the card when returning the goods, it will be interesting to know that the manufacturer has the right not to refund the value of the defective item, but to take it back for repair. Especially it concerns those cases when the warranty period has expired. Money can be claimed only when the manufacturer does not fit into the twenty-day period stipulated by law.

How to recognize low-quality products?

Those who care about how to returnmoney on the card after the return of the goods, should understand that for this you will have to comply with several mandatory conditions. One of them is the presence of defects that allow you to require that the product be taken back to the store for the claim you wrote.

The seller must exchange the item or refund its full cost, subject to availability:

  • defects that appear in the production process;
  • Deficiencies formed during the transportation of products to the place of its realization;
  • actual discrepancy of the appearance of the goods and its packaging to the exposed sample;
  • incorrect specification of the product.

refund of money for goods paid by credit card

Also, the reason for the return of funds can be the presence of mechanical damages that do not allow the use of the entire functionality of the product.

What are the requirements for the returned product?

Each buyer has the right to require that the store accepts a previously purchased item that:

  • has not been in operation;
  • preserved the proper presentation;
  • has all the original properties;
  • has all the labels, seals and packaging.

In addition, the return of goods is not possiblealways. Not every purchase can be returned to the store. At the legislative level, a list of goods that can not be exchanged and returned is developed. In this list there are personal hygiene items, medications and cosmetics.

Algorithm of actions

Those who have every reason to demand that the money be returned to the card upon return of the goods, can safely contact the seller and initiatedocumentary procedure. According to the current laws, in order to receive the money spent back, the consumer must provide the seller with the product itself, a sales receipt or a check, an available guarantee card and a document that allows the identification of the buyer's identity.

 refund of money for the goods purchased on the card

In addition, you will also need a bank card, withwhich paid for the purchase. The dissatisfied consumer will also have to draw up an appropriate claim-claim, which will detail the reasons for the return of the product. The sample can be asked from the seller. Usually they have blanks of such statements.

In turn, the seller must composethe corresponding act on the reimbursement of monetary sums to consumers. After completing all the necessary documentation, he will be able to return the money via bank transfer or give them to the buyer through the cashier. As a rule, no more than ten calendar days pass from the moment of writing the claim to the transfer of the amount to the card. Those who paid for the purchase in cash, the money will be refunded on the day the goods are returned.

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