How to transfer money from "Kiwi" to "Yandex" money - the fastest and most reliable ways

Payment systems on the network are an opportunity tominutes to replenish accounts in online games, pay for purchases in online stores, pay with organizations providing utilities, and much more. But not every company accepts equivalents to the money signs of any financial order. So, on one site you can pay off the account of "Yandex. Money", and on the other - only with the purse QIWI, on the third - with WebMoney. Not every user has the ability to keep funds in all payment systems at once. And then a natural question arises: "How to transfer money from" Kiwi "to" Yandex "?"

how to transfer money from Kiwi to Yandex

The possibility of direct exchange

QIWI - the system with the simplest rulespayments and transfers. This is convenient for users, but, unfortunately, there is no direct transfer between it and "Yandex.Money". You can use slightly more sophisticated exchange schemes, such as:

  1. Preliminary conclusion to the bank card.
  2. Transfer of funds to a mobile phone.
  3. Money transfer systems.
  4. Through a bank account.

Visa and MasterCard

Unlike WebMoney - a system in whichrequires the purchase of a special certificate for operations, to the account of QIWI is quite easy to tie a card of any Russian bank. To do this, it is enough to register a purse on the website of the system and specify the credit card number.

Translate from "Kiwi" to "Yandex" money can beonly to the owners of Visa or MasterCard. Issued they can be any bank of Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Translation takes place in the shortest possible time, almost instantaneously. In rare cases, we have to wait a day.

How to transfer money from Kiwi to Yandex

In the payment system "Yandex. Money "can also be entered from the Visa and MasterCard cards by opening a purse in the system.To fill up the account you will need to enter some data: the name and surname of the credit card holder, its number and CVV code - the last three digits on the back of the card, the amount that is limited the amount of 15 thousand rubles one-time, 200 thousand - a month, 100 thousand - a day.

How to transfer money from "Kiwi" to "Yandex" using money transfer systems

Such a service is convenient if funds are neededtransfer from the purse QIWI to the account of a person who is outside the Russian Federation. This opportunity is provided by several payment systems of money transfers. There are eight in total, and two of them have introduced some restrictions.

Visa Personal Payments, Masterard MoneySendaccept amounts not exceeding 600 thousand rubles a month. At the same time QIWI leaves itself a reward for the works in the amount of 2% and 20 rubles for translations for Russian customers. Recipients from other countries will receive the total amount, less by the same 2% and already 40 rubles.

All convenience of using such systems is notallows you to fully understand the issue of how to transfer money from Kiwi to Yandex. But the answer is quite simple. The recipient picks up the transfer either in cash or on a bank card account. With it, he can replenish his purse in "Yandex. Money."

Bank transfer

Translate from

Cooperation with financial institutionsgives weight to any Internet payment system. This is not an exception and QIWI. With her wallets, you can transfer funds to the accounts of more than a dozen banks. There is a choice of the type of payment. It can be urgent or usual. Using any of them, the client of the system will pay a certain percentage, which will always be the same. With an urgent payment, an amount of 75 rubles will be added.

Specifying the BIC of the bank, the number of its own account,name, type of operation and some other data, the owner of the QIWI purse will only need to click on the "Pay" icon. Funds will be received within 7 working days. From the account the client can replenish the purse in "Yandex" also in two clicks, in the presence of his personal office in the bank. If there is no possibility of performing online operations, the client should contact the office directly.

The answer to the question about how to transfer from Kiwi to"Yandex" money, in the case of a bank transfer option should be replenished with one pleasant detail. This method is subject to the smallest commission. It is only 1.6%. However, the amount does not change in the case of urgent payment.

But there are restrictions when transferring funds through the bank. The amount of transfer can not exceed 15 000 rubles.

Mobile operators

How to transfer money to Kiwi wallet with Yandex Money

One of the earliest options for how to translate from"Kiwi" to "Yandex" money, is the withdrawal and replenishment from the account of the phone. This method can not be called simple or convenient. In "Yandex. Money" there is no option of exchanging funds between accounts of the system and mobile phones. You can use this method in the event that there is an opportunity to agree with a friend who has funds in the purse of "Yandex". That is, the client transfers to the account of the mobile phone of a friend some amount, and the one, in turn, transfers the money within the system.

All the proposed methods are effective ifyou need to answer the question of how to transfer money to "Kiwi-purse" from "Yandex. Money." All actions are performed in the same manner, only on opposite accounts.

In the payment system "Yandex Money" there are differences in the performance of operations. They are included in the terms and amount of the commission.

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