How to get a "Kiwi" -corner and why is it worth doing?

In connection with the problems encounteredthe company Webmoney in Ukraine, many thought about using an alternative payment system. It also happens that you need to make a transfer or pay for goods in the store, and with the help of the usual electronic currency it is impossible. The spare version never hurts, and now we will tell you how to get a "Kiwi" purse as an alternative. It can be done very easily and completely free of charge, in addition, Kiwi has many advantages over other types of electronic money.

Why do many users prefer QIWI?

how to get a kiwi wallet
Payment system "Kiwi" in the Russian Federation in July 2013 onits popularity surpassed WebMoney and Yandex.Money. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the online edition of the Exchange Leader, analyzing requests and mentions in RuNet regarding any virtual payment systems. Surprisingly, after all, Qiwi-purse appeared much later than the usual keeper and payment service from the well-known search engine Yandex. The secret of such popularity lies in the simplicity and convenience, but what else does an ordinary user need? To create a purse in this system it will take only a few minutes, and in this process there is no need to install any additional software, security certificates and modules. In addition, you will never forget his number, because it always coincides with the number of your mobile phone, which means that you do not need to write it somewhere and memorize it somewhere. For registration in this system it is enough to do only 2 actions.

How to get a "Kiwi" purse: step one

So, if you have several phones or a pairSIM cards on one mobile phone, select the number that you use most often. Now go to the network on the page of the payment system and find there a link for registration. It is located at the top right next to the site language switch.

qiwi wallet

How to get a "Kiwi" purse: step two

Now all that's left to do is dial inthe desired field number of your mobile phone, enter a security code, read the terms of use and tick. On the next page you will be asked to come up with your password and confirm registration with the code that will come in the SMS message. Immediately after that, you can log on to the system. As you can see, everything is elementary.

qiwi payment system

QIWI System Features

First of all, it is worth noting the widethe range of services that can be paid using this payment system: television, mobile communications, various paid Internet services (social networks, dating sites), housing and communal services. By means of a purse "Kiwi" you can easily purchase air or railway tickets, make purchases in many online stores. The official website has a detailed list of all available payments, which is constantly expanding. The big plus of the "Kiwi" purse is that with its help you can send a transfer via the "Contact" or PrivateMoney system to any person. And at the time of sending the recipient may not even be registered in this service. All you need to know is his phone number. In this case, he will receive SMS with a notification of the transfer and after registration in QIWI will be able to receive money to his account. You can withdraw funds using bank cards, transfers and bank accounts, and replenish the wallet conveniently through the terminal, which is available in almost every major store, and the commission in this case is not paid. If desired, in the QIWI system, you can issue a virtual card, and for maximum mobility, install a special application on your smartphone or phone. As you can see, the system has a lot of advantages, and now, knowing how to get a "Kiwi" purse, it's worth to try it! Surely you will be satisfied with the result.

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