How to transfer money to WebMoney from Kiwi and back? Share knowledge!

Use of electronic payment systems, includingnumber and "WebMoney", seems difficult for many. However, this is not at all, especially if you are constantly using the Internet and have a little experience in communicating with other electronic systems. Can I transfer money to "Webmoney" from "Kiwi"? This is a frequent, simple and intuitive procedure. Let's look at it together.

how to transfer kiwi money to webmoney

Features of opening a wallet on Webmoney

We all already know that traveling the worldyou can now, without worrying about the safety of funds, because there is a computer and the Internet. All you need is Internet purses QIWI and WebMoney, as well as knowing how to transfer money to "WebMoney" from "Kiwi" and vice versa. It is extremely important to remember that the "Webmoney" system has its own special rules, and if they are violated, the purse will simply be blocked. In 90 cases out of 100, you can not get unlocked, even if you explain to the moderator for a long time and support the reasons for violation of the rules. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, it is better to be obedient at once.

transfer money from webmoney to kiwi

Translate easily and quickly

How to transfer money to "WebMoney" from "Kiwi"? Many people know the points of the CONTACT system and Unistream. They support settlements with WebMoney and at the same time allow you to replenish your wallet. Less is the need to pay double interest per output-input. Another way is the QIWI terminal installed in many cities of Russia. The transfer procedure takes only a few minutes, and the payment itself runs from 2 hours to 24 hours. The commission is 2%. Absolutely all data on the transfer can be displayed on the mobile. Before you transfer money from "Kiwi" to "Webmani" by one of the suggested methods, consider two more: exchangers who also successfully cope with the task of transferring funds from one purse to another; money transfer directly from the QIWI website.

Can I transfer kiwi money to webmoney?

4 ways of reverse translation

You can transfer money from "WebMoney" to "Kiwi" in several ways:

  1. Exchange with a friend is the simplest solution. If you know someone who also has the purse Webmoney and Kiwi, then you can agree on a bilateral exchange: transfer money from your Webmoney purse to it, while he will transfer the same amount from his " Kiwi "purse on your" Kiwi ".
  2. Double operation, which includesuse of mobile phone. You probably remember that when creating the "Kiwi" purse you were asked to attach your cell phone number to the account. Refill your mobile account with the "Webmoney" account: on the main page, select the "Payment for services" box, in the menu that appears, click "Refill phone". Having received the money, replenish your "Kiwi" purse from your mobile. Such a procedure involves a commission, which the mobile operator will surely take. Therefore, learn about it in advance.
  3. Approximately the same procedure is possible withusing the account in the social network "VKontakte". Having replenished your "VKontakte" account with your "WebMoney" purse, you get "voices", which you can then easily exchange for "Kiwi" currency. Make sure that the phone number you specified when registering "VKontakte" coincided with the phone number specified during registration in the "Kiwi" system.
  4. How to transfer money to "Webmoney" from "Kiwi" quicklyand easy? Exchange offices on the Internet. With their help, you can easily transfer funds from one purse to another, but only a small amount. Unfortunately, in such exchangers there is a certain limit of money transfer from "WebMoney" to "Kiwi".
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