Electronic money: how to use? Qiwi wallet

Electronic money entered our life is not solong ago, but have already become commonplace. The only question is which payment system to prefer, the benefit is what to choose from. And the user today is meticulously looking at each virtual instrument only from such positions: what is more convenient and how to use it? KIWI wallet is listed among the leaders of the instant payment market by the simplicity of the interface and reliability, and therefore, by financial turnover.

how to use kiwi wallet

Do not you have a wallet yet?

So, it's time to register it.It's very simple, like everything connected with this system. KIWI wallet allows you to instantly receive and transfer money to other people's accounts, pay for the phone, utilities, fines. More than two thousand providers serve QIWI users.

So, registration in the system that you needpass before using. KIWI wallet can be registered in two equally simple ways - on the company's website or in any payment terminal. Surely every user noticed bright devices with a bird, located in each mall, at each stop, and just at every corner. Step accessibility is one of the commercial secrets of the firm.

kiwi wallet how to use

Registration on the website of the "KIVI Wallet" system

How to use the services of this resource and whatunlimited possibilities it provides, can be seen even before registration. On the main page there is full information about services, partners, applications. Here is a detailed instruction for registering new users. And you just need to enter your mobile phone number, necessarily an active number, because it will receive a confirmation code when you register, and then every time you make transactions with an electronic wallet.

Next - enter captcha, agree with the termsoffer and press the registration button. In the window that opens, you enter the login - this is the phone number you specify - and the password, then the code received by phone. And everything, in the future there will be no problems with how to use. KIWI wallet can be replenished from the terminal, from the phone, from the bank card (after binding).

kiwi wallet how to use

Registration via terminal

This type of registration may seem moretroublesome, but there is nothing complicated. You need to select the "QIWI Wallet" window, enter the mobile phone number in the opened form. Press the "Yes" button to agree with the registration of your number in the system. Now the terminal will prompt you to press the "Forward" command. The phone will receive a PIN-code, which you need to enter in the window that opens - and you are in your personal account. You can replenish the account, transfer money to another user's account, pay for services, loans and much more. If payments occur on a terminal belonging to the system itself - OSMP or QIWI - a commission for operations from 500 rubles and more is not charged. If the amount is less, the commission will be 3%. It should be remembered that the amount of one-off payments does not exceed 15 thousand rubles.

Making money on KIWI wallet

How to use the terminal to replenish the account?It is necessary to pay attention that the balance and account in the personal account is a single purse, and for the movement of money, any options are acceptable: a terminal, a personal page on the site or a mobile application in the phone.

kiwi wallet how to use the terminal
To replenish your purse account in the system, you can use one of the methods listed below.

  • Through the terminals of the payment system QIWI it is more convenient andmost advantageous, given their convenient interface and lack of commission. It is possible and through other terminals and ATMs, but with a commission. A list of partner banks can be found on the QIWI Wallet website.
  • In the salons of communication - MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Euroset, Svyaznoy and others.
  • Through the system of fast money transfers - "Unistream", "Contact", etc.
  • From bank cards through ATMs.
  • On the site of the system, transfer from a linked bank card. Here you can learn how to tie a card to your account and how to use it.

KIWI wallet: withdrawal of money

You can also withdraw funds from your walletin several ways. Cash can be sent to yourself (or another person) through instant translation services - "Anelik", "Contact", "Unistream", "PrivatMoney". Usually such transfers take from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

how to use kiwi wallet

Even more convenient to withdraw money to your bankaccount or card. But for this there are a number of conditions. The bank card must be linked to its balance in QIWI on the site of the system. If you place salary or credit card data on the network seems not safe, there is another option - QIWI Visa Card - a virtual card automatically tied to the owner's balance. It is issued at the request of the user, who receives the access code by phone. The card can be used to pay for purchases and services in any city or country, with the exception of the United States.

Funds from the virtual wallet can betransferred to another person. To do this, just enter the desired phone number in the sending window. If the recipient does not appear in the number of users, then, to receive the transfer, he will need to register in the Kivi Wallet system.

How to use the QIWI system with mobile applications

A fundamental difference from the use of servicessite or terminal is not here. The only requirement is to install a mobile application on your smartphone. The sequence of actions is explained on the KIVI website in the "Mobile applications" tab. Next - everything, as usual: login, password - and you are in your personal account.

Many people like to use the system in social networks, for example, to pay for various services and gifts with virtual money. To do this, you need to put the application on your page, and that's it.

About security

This question legitimately excites many. Not everyone risks placing on the Internet their passport data and payment details. KIVI wallet is attractive primarily due to the fact that when registering you need only a phone number, you do not need to enter either your surname, not to mention your passport number and place of registration. Instead of a real plastic card, you can open a virtual one with the same functions for free. Confidentiality of data, the state of balance and details of financial transactions is guaranteed by the QIWI system management.

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