How to transfer money from the Savings Bank card to Kiwi?

Among the widespread payment systems is an importantthe place is occupied by Qiwi. Electronic wallet is great for shopping on the Internet. You can replenish it in different ways, but one of the convenient is Sberbank. This method of sending money is the safest, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your funds. How to send money from the Savings Bank card to Kiwi? To do this, use a simple instruction.

Card replenishment

From the Savings Bank card to "Kiwi-purse" money can betransfer using internet banking. The user must be registered on the bank's website. For security, a password is entered there, which is sent to the SMS.

from the Savings Bank card for kiwi

When the login is successful, you need to find a section"Payments and transactions" and choose a translation for "Kiwi". Then, the purse number is dialed, then you need to confirm the operation. On working days, enrollment is fast, and holidays and weekends may be delayed. From the Savings Bank card to the "Kiwi-purse" through Sberbank-online money is transferred without commission. This method is considered one of the convenient and safe.

Using the application

How to transfer money from the Savings Bank card to"Kiwi wallet" through the application? The function is available for owners of such devices as iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. You can download the application on the official website. You need to register, after which you can make various payments. Replenishment of the account "Kiwi" is the same as in the personal account. The advantages of the application include the availability of about 60,000 suppliers to pay for various services. It is convenient for a person to monitor their accounts, as well as transfer money in one-touch.

Through a mobile bank

There is another convenient way of replenishingbalance of electronic wallet - mobile transfer. In this case, you need to send a message. First you need to specify the system name, purse number and amount. Everything is done according to the example: QIWI 9000000000 111.

from the card of a savings bank to a kiwi wallet

The number is a mobile phone,registered in the system. Suit and the Russian name of the purse - "KIVI". Phone number must be written in the number of 9 digits. The message is sent to the number 900. To avoid typing many digits next time, there is a possibility to create a template.

Using the site "Kiwi"

Send money from the Savings Bank card to "Kiwi"will be obtained using the site You need to go to your office, select the "Add money" section, and then find a way to "card". The system will provide information about commissions and other conditions.

It is important to choose "replenishment of the Savings Bank card", after which it is linked to the account. To do this, you need to fill in all the details necessary to complete the operation:

  • card number;
  • first name, last name;
  • validity;
  • CVV2 or CVC2.

from the Savings Bank card to the kiwi wallet through the Savings Bank online

To confirm the operation, you need to press"Register". Verification and data establishment is then carried out, which lasts about a minute. After the transaction is completed, it will be clear how to transfer from the Savings Bank card to "Kiwi". This is done quickly and safely.

There are some rules for using the service.The card must be the same country as the phone number. The one-time limit for cash is 15,000 rubles, and for foreign cards - 3,000. The restrictions per day for Russians are 50,000 rubles.

Through the ATM

From the Savings Bank card to "Kiwi" money can be transferred using an ATM. After installing the card in the device it is important to enter the pin code and perform simple actions:

  • Click "Payments";
  • select "Payment for services";
  • find "Electronic money" and QIWI;
  • write number and amount;
  • check the information and complete the payment.

After the successful completion of the operation, funds are written off and credited to the requisite details. Money comes quickly and without commission.

Another variant

To replenish "Kiwi" you can use the terminal.It is necessary to dial the number, pin-code, which is sent to the phone when creating a purse. It should not be confused with the password from the personal cabinet. It is necessary to find "Recharge with cash" and pay money. Commission for enrollment no. In this case, there are restrictions on the maximum amount, as well as with the cards.

from the Savings Bank card to the Kiwi wallet through the application

If there is no pin code, you can addproduce only by number. To do this, in the "Electronic money" section you need to find a QIWI-purse. After that, enter the necessary data. You do not have to write a comment, so you can skip this item.

Benefits of using QIWI

The Kiwi wallet is popular with people due to its advantages:

  • Convenient payment;
  • fast and high-quality support service;
  • You can work with the purse after registration;
  • There are no commissions for the use of the system;
  • do not need to provide identity documents;
  • a large number of payments;
  • there are no age restrictions.

"Kiwi-purse" can be replenished by any means presented, because they are safe. After that, you can evaluate the convenient operation of the electronic wallet.

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