The card "Conscience" - what is the catch? User Reviews

In Russia, increasingly began to make loans andinstallments. And so banks are trying to come up with attractive offers and services for customers. For example, Qiwi released the "Conscience" card. What's the catch? Reviews, tariffs, conditions of registration and service features of this plastic will be disclosed below. Only after studying all the relevant information will everyone be able to understand whether it is worth ordering the "Conscience" card.

map of conscience what is the catch

Briefly about plastic

What is the studied card? Every modern citizen of the Russian Federation should know the answer to this question.

Conscience is an installment card. Some call it a credit card with interest-free payments. When using plastic, a person purchases goods on credit. More precisely, he will have to pay for the purchase for a certain time, but without interest. Installments - that's how these operations are properly called.

What is the point of offering such opportunities to Russian citizens? Is there any trick here?

Terms of registration

Let's start with the requirements for applying for an installment card "Conscience". What's the catch? It can not be issued by every citizen of the Russian Federation.

The citizen must meet the following requirements:

  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • presence of a permanent residence permit in the country;
  • good credit history;
  • constant stable earnings;
  • age - not less than 18 years.

Foreigners will not be able to use the card"Conscience". This will have to be remembered. In addition, even in early 2017 plastic was issued only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But now it is issued all over Russia. And this fact pleases potential customers.

conscience card installments in what a dirty trick

Terms of Use

A few words about what will have to be observed by the plastic holder. Credit card "Conscience" from Qiwi allows you to buy goods on credit without interest.

Terms of use of plastic are as follows:

  • manufacturing and maintenance of the card - 0 rubles;
  • SMS-informing - 0 rubles;
  • 1 year of service - 290 rubles;
  • subsequent years - 590 rubles;
  • limit - up to 300 000 rubles;
  • term of action of plastic - 5 years;
  • re-issue - 590 rubles;
  • penalties for delinquencies - 10% per annum + 290 rubles / month;
  • the possibility of early repayment of debt - is;
  • courier delivery - for free.

Reviews about the map "Conscience" are left different. But customers emphasize that the conditions for using plastic do attract. Especially in view of the fact that the term of granting installments can reach 12 months.


What is the catch of the "Conscience" card? Reviews of its holders indicate that plastic is not that easy to arrange. You can either apply to "Messenger", or leave a request through the Internet. In some banks and Qiwi shopping partners, applications are also accepted. But for the time being it is mainly necessary to act via the Internet.

map of kiwi conscience in what a dirty trick

Many are faced with problems in processingapplications - they are not processed. After submitting requests, clients should call the operator and confirm the task. But this does not happen. It happens because of system failures. Accordingly, the application through the Internet has to be conducted several times.


What is the trick of the installment card "Conscience"? The next nuance is activation. It delivers customers a lot of problems. Why?

In the manufacture of plastic is usually not denied. But not everyone can activate the card "Conscience". If you believe the customer reviews, the plastic is not activated if:

  • a person has a bad credit history;
  • there was a system failure;
  • false data about the cardholder is indicated.

Accordingly, many have a map of "Conscience", but it lies idle due to lack of activation. Use it does not work.

map of conscience reviews


What is the catch of the "Conscience" card? Reviews holders of such plastic quite often emphasize that with it you can forget about cash.

Conscience cards do not allow you to withdraw money from your account. All operations provide for non-cash. And if you want to cash out from time to time, you will have to forget about the plastic you are studying.


The next nuance is the accounting of available credits. The bank can refuse to issue and issue plastic "Conscience" if the client has outstanding loans. It is not necessary to have a bad history. Even bona fide payers can refuse.

With all this, according to numerous reviews, Qiwi does not explain the reasons for its decision in any way. Everything is legal. Therefore, people who have loans, it is better not to contact the "Conscience" card.


But that's not all. Reviews of the map "Conscience" emphasize that it is not easy to close this plastic. I'll have to try.

Qiwi Bank does not have a single branch throughoutRussia. Therefore, to close the card, you will have to send an application with a notarized signature to Moscow. There is the only customer service center in the country. The plastic Qiwi also needs to be returned. And these are huge risks. After all, all manipulations are done by mail.


What is the catch of the "Conscience" card? Reviews of owners of such plastic often indicate that it can not be used everywhere. That is, often from the card there is no sense.

The thing is that "Conscience" is plastic,which offers to make purchases in specific partner stores Qiwi. In other outlets it will be useless. This is the main trick of the card.

conscience installment card


And where you can pay with plastic? In what a dirty trick of a card "Kiwi" ("Conscience"), we found out. Features of this plastic lot. And if all of them are taken into account, a person will be able to decide how much the credit card suits him.

Clients' comments about the map "Conscience" refer to a very narrow range of partner stores. At first glance it seems that there are a lot of them. But if you look closely, you can see that this is not so.

In total, Qiwi has more than 45 partner stores. Here are some of them:

  • Euroset.
  • "Connected".
  • Aeroflot.
  • "M Video".
  • "Daughters-sons".
  • "Lego".
  • "Lamoda."
  • Shatura.
  • "Burger King".
  • "Ile de Beaute".

For daily purchases plastic is not at all good. But if a person actively uses the services of "Kiwi" partners, "Conscience" will seem to him an extremely attractive offer. Therefore, it is just necessary to take into account that the studied plastic is not suitable for everyone.

How to get?

A few words about how to issue a card "Conscience". You can do it like this:

  1. Open the site
  2. Click on the "Order" button.
  3. Fill in the data requested from the user.
  4. Wait for the operator to ring and confirm the process of making plastic.
  5. Get a card.
  6. Send 5152 plastic number to the number. It consists of 16 digits.
  7. Wait for the PIN. He will come in the message. This is a consequence of the successful activation of plastic.
  8. Make a purchase with a card.

That's all. In fact, with proper preparation, there are no problems with ordering and activating the "Conscience" card. This is indicated by many Qiwi customers.

credit card conscience

To take or not?

Reviews of users of the card "Conscience" are divided. Among them there are both positive and negative opinions. Therefore, newcomers in the topic under study are difficult to understand.

Should I order plastic? There is no unequivocal answer. We found out the trick of the "Conscience" card. Reviews of plastic owners emphasize that it is suitable for people with stable high income, an ideal credit history, repaid debts, as well as those who often buy from partners Kiwi. Otherwise, there is no point in the sentence. As we have already said, plastic does not work everywhere.

Some people advise refraining fromregistration card Conscience. But there is no justification for such a decision. If you want to install goods from Qiwi partners in installments, the proposal will be very useful. It will not leave anyone indifferent.

About advantages

What is the catch of the "Conscience" card? Reviews of plastic owners have long pointed us to it. The features of the map are many. And all of them are important.

What are the advantages of "Conscience"? Among them are:

  • cost of card maintenance;
  • free courier delivery;
  • absence of interest on loans;
  • possibility of replenishing plastic through Qiwi;
  • large limits on installments.

All this only pleases. Can you call the "Conscience" card a hoax? No. It's just plastic for installments, which has many nuances of service. Not all customers pay attention to them. And so after the first use of plastic they remain disappointed.

Not all at once

Another important nuance is that the limits forinstallments are issued on an individual basis. High bars are not installed immediately. Sometimes you have to reissue them several times. This alignment leads to negative customer feedback on the map "Conscience."

Accordingly, you first have to useplastic with a small amount of installments. Over time, it can be increased to 300,000 rubles, this is the maximum. Not very convenient, but this approach allows you to take into account the solvency of the cardholder. People with a bad credit history can issue (activate) plastic, then with small limits.

map of conscience user reviews


We found out the trick of the "Conscience" card. Customers' testimonials indicate that this plastic is perfect for people who often shop with Qiwi partners. He does not have many shortcomings.

Firstly, this is not support in all trade networks. Secondly, there is no possibility of withdrawing cash. There are no more significant drawbacks to the card.

All the features of plastic we have already studied. Now everyone can decide whether a "Conscience" card is necessary for him or not. The main thing is to remember that the offer is not a fraud. This is a real card installments. It allows you to buy goods and do not overpay for them. This is what Qiwi customers say.

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