How do you estimate the cost of an apartment? Property valuation. Cadastral valuation of real estate

Very often in human life arisecircumstances that force him to make transactions with his own apartment. For example, when he moves to another city or intends to take out a loan. Often there is a desire to exchange apartment apartments for more spacious. In this regard, there is the problem of assessing the real value of the property. Many ask the following question: "Is it possible to determine for myself how much to sell their mansions to not lose?" However, it is better not to experiment and use the services of professionals.

The seller of the apartment has a choice

Alas, very few people know how to evaluate the costapartments, in which cases without outside assistance is indispensable. In any case, no one wants to cheat with housing, and, of course, virtually no one has the opportunity to wait years for a "good" buyer. That's why you always need to offer a real price.

How is the cost of an apartment

Of course, there is a whole arsenal of ways through which the amount of the transaction for the alienation of housing is objectively determined.

If we talk about how to evaluate the costapartments realtors or employees of companies that are engaged in determining the value of real estate on a professional basis, it should be stressed that each of them will have their own calculation.

It is important to remember one thing: the price of residential apartments depends on a number of factors, including on the mood of the participants in the transaction at the time it is committed.

Define the arithmetic mean

You have the right to try to determine on your ownat least an approximate fee for their housing, even if you do not have the faintest idea of ​​how the price of the apartment is assessed by the pros. And every sane person can do this.

property valuation

You need to study the database of objectsreal estate for sale. Select those apartments that are similar to yours in terms of footage, number of rooms, distance from metro, number of storeys, age of the house, infrastructure. Now mark the cheapest and most expensive housing. After that, calculate the arithmetic mean of the indicated amounts - this will be the price of your housing. In this case, do not forget that almost all owners slightly overestimate the value of the apartment, leaving the right to bargain with a potential buyer.

Real estate agency will help

You can do even easier: having called in any real estate agency and having presented the buyer, you always learn from agents on what minimum sum it is necessary to fork up the person who gets an apartment in this or that district.

Factors that affect the cost of an apartment

Want to know how to evaluate the value of an apartmentspecialists? Everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The valuation of real estate is carried out using the analysis of the object by several criteria, which ultimately determine its actual value.

Apartment price

Let us consider them in more detail.

1) Location of the property. The city of realtors is conditionally divided into districts, for example, central, sleeping, outskirts.

2) The area of ​​the property. It's no secret that the more the squared housing, the more expensive it is.

3) Availability of infrastructure facilities. Of course, if in the immediate vicinity of the house there are a hospital, a kindergarten or a market, then you can ask for a decent price for an apartment.

4) The presence of repair. Certainly, scruffy walls or cracked tiles will reduce the cost of housing, but if you post new wallpapers and make light repairs before the deal, then you can safely raise the price, naturally, within reasonable limits.

5) Number of storeys. It so happened that the apartments on the first and last floors are less popular among buyers, so the price compared to other apartments will be lower.

Advertising in the media

Evaluation of real estate is made with the help of another uncomplicated method. What kind? Everything is very simple.

Estimation of real estate value

You submit advertisements for saleapartments in local newspapers and indicate the approximate price, which was determined based on the above points. After that, watch how many people have responded to your offer. If there are a lot of calls, this is a sign that you have indicated a slightly understated price, which can then be raised a little. After that, you again act as a telephone dispatcher and control the situation. However, it should be noted that this method is good for those who are not in a hurry and have a lot of free time. It is possible that only after a year you will be able to make a deal with maximum profit.

Of course, if you are a busy person and you needurgently to sell habitation, it is necessary to operate under other scheme as an estimation of cost of the real estate is a destiny of professionals. Today, there are a huge number of companies on the market that help in determining the real cost of housing. In order for them to do their job, you must present them with title documents (one-time certificate) for an apartment, a certificate from the BTI (form 11a).

Market appraisal of real estate

Once again, we emphasize that market valuationReal estate can be produced by an expert on an individual basis. It must be remembered that this is a very specific procedure, the final result is influenced by criteria that are diverse in their nature.

Methods of calculating the cost of apartments used by professionals

It should be noted that the expert valuation of the value of real estate objects occurs through three methods of calculation:

1) Costly. It is based on the fact that the price of the apartmentis determined based on the costs that the owner incurred in repairing the property (transportation of construction materials, their value, wages to contractors, taxes, etc.). Plus, the evaluator must take into account the level of inflation, depreciation. Taking into account these factors, he adjusts the calculation.

2) Profitable. This method is specifically designed forobjects of commercial real estate. Its meaning is very simple. The price of a premise is determined proceeding from the size of potential benefit which the new owner will receive in the future. However, the method is suitable only for shops and shopping centers.

3) Comparative. This method is considered the experts mostwidespread. In this case, the valuation of the value of real estate is determined by comparison with other similar proposals for the sale of apartments. Since its use does not require special knowledge, this method will not cost you so much.

Estimation of cost of real estate objects

By signing a contract with a particular company,engaged in real estate valuation on a professional basis, it will not be superfluous to ask, by what method they determine the cost of the apartments. If you do not like this or that method of evaluation, you can always choose another expert.

It should be noted that cadastral valuation of real estate is carried out by BTI, and now it is from this indicator will depend on the amount of tax on houses and apartments.

Estimation of an apartment in a mortgage

So, you are planning to issue a mortgage, andemployees of the bank have come to meet you in this matter. You should know that immediately there will be a problem of determining the real value of your square meters. Undoubtedly, the credit institution will offer its appraiser, but do not rush to believe that in its work he will be guided by the principle of impartiality.

Real estate cadastral valuation

Naturally, there is a high probability that hedeliberately overstate the value of your future apartment. That is why choose banking institutions that give customers the right to choose an appraiser or agree to conduct several independent examinations so that the price of housing is really objective. In addition, stopping at a particular mortgage program, you must first calculate the liquidation value of housing. In other words, it is necessary to answer the question of how much your apartment will cost if it is to be sold as soon as possible. Take into account the fact that the market value of housing is approximately 30% higher than liquidation.


The above recommendations will help you evaluate yourself, thereby saving your family budget. However, remember that in some cases you can not do without the help of specialists.

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