How do I find out the details of a bank card and transfer money to it?

Many payment card users are beautifulaware of how to use them to pay for goods in the store or withdraw cash. However, these are not all possible operations that can be performed with this piece of plastic. There are also non-cash transfers. True, for this you need to have data about your own account. Immediately say that the problem, how to find out the details of a bank card, is solved quite simply. Let's figure it out in order.

Ways of obtaining information

To begin with, the card number is nowhere to be looked for - it is on its front side. But more complete information can be obtained in several ways.

The first and most elementary way is to takeother information from the contract for banking services. One copy of this document the institution had to issue along with the card. The card account there is definitely there, but here are some key data, most often this is the BIC and the correspondent account of the banking institution, may be absent.

Then you should visit the bank's website, select yourregion, and in the section "requisites" there will be all the missing information. If you have any difficulties, ask how to find out the bank card details, it is possible free of charge by telephone hotline. Be ready to go through the identification with a secret question, the answer to which you left in the bank when you receive the card.

The second method is associated with a personal visitbranch of the bank. And only the one that issued the card. Such an action may be necessary in case of loss of securities with requisites. For all the inconvenience, this is the most reliable option. By showing the card and passport, back you will receive the most detailed data, in the reliability of which there is no doubt. If you know your account, you will not need an identity card to provide the exact name of the bank, correspondent account or BIC.

And, finally, the third method works if you initially have Internet banking or mobile banking services. You should enter a password, and here they are - long-awaited details.

As a result, it turns out that there are no new ways to find out the details of a bank card. Attempts and perseverance lead to the desired result.

How do I transfer money to a card?

The information obtained will greatly expand the list of operations performed with the card. Most importantly, now you can transfer money to the card in several ways.

Before that, you could replenish your account in only one way - it's to deposit cash in the ATM. From now on, in addition, you can proceed as follows:

  • provide details to the employer or business partner so that he translates here the earnings;
  • transfer money from another account or bank card, including another financial institution;
  • to deposit funds in the bank's cash departments;
  • take cash from their electronic purses Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Kivi and others.

The last point, by the way, requires a separatean explanation of how to transfer money to a card. The fact is that each of these systems has developed its own method of protecting customers. As a consequence, the list of documents confirming the identity of the recipient can be quite original. There are times when you need to submit color images of your card and several pages of your passport.

As a rule, the transfer is accompanied by a commissioncollection. It is noteworthy that within a single bank it is small and is no more than 1%, or even completely absent. When dealing with third-party institutions, you will have to pay 2 to 4%.

In the end, having started solving the problem, how to find out the details of the bank card, you go much further: the entire process ends with the creation of a full payment instrument.

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