Where and how to find out the cadastral value of the land plot?

Each of us has faced a housing issue.However, not everyone understands the intricacies of pricing and terminology. Therefore, these issues necessarily require careful consideration. How to find out the cadastral value and what is it for?

how to find out the cadastral value of a land plot


The cadastral value is calculated on the basis ofconduct on the basis of certain rules for assessing the land. The initiative to such a study may be the regional authorities. The market value of the object is constantly fluctuating, while the cadastral remains fairly stable. However, this indicator over time also has the property of changing. And that's why real estate experts recommend revaluation at least once every five years.

Information received when revaluing a cadastralcost, are in the public domain. Any person can receive them if he has a cadastral number of the owner of a site. How can I find out the cadastral value of a land plot? About everything in order.

What is the calculation of the cadastral value for?

The grounds for applying the data of the cadastral valuation of the facility are:

  • calculation of tax deductions;
  • identification of rational rent for the site;
  • calculation of the payment measure, when using the facility for public purposes;
  • support of the information market.

where to find the cadastral value of the land plot

Circumstances governing the cadastral value

There are the following circumstances that can affect the cadastral valuation:

  • current market price;
  • the true purpose of the object;
  • presence of official prohibitions and restrictions;
  • official permission to use the facility;
  • territorial characteristics - ecology, geographical location.

Calculation of cadastral value of a land plot

The price of an object is regulatedlegislation of the Russian Federation. According to the Constitution, this procedure must be carried out without fail and with a certain periodicity. The fact is that with the passage of time an object due to external influences can change, which will significantly reduce its cost. Or the development of infrastructure in the area of ​​the site will significantly increase its true value. However, monitoring of the cadastral value is not so often, and statistics have information on sites that have not been re-evaluated within 10-15 years. Before the cadastral evaluation, special lists are drawn up, on the basis of which further research is carried out. How can I find out the cadastral value of a land plot? Let us turn to the calculation scheme.

calculation of cadastral value of a land plot

Calculation scheme

The cost analysis is based onClassification, which contains the main purpose of the object and other subject characteristics. Classification is defined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and contains 17 varieties of permitted use of the land. The measure is a specific indicator per square meter. And this dependence is determined by analyzing some additional characteristics of the object. Plots, originally prepared for building, have a high price. If the object belongs to several categories, then the preference is given to the variety that has the largest footage. It is quite permissible options, when the classification is built like the existing sections in a particular area. If the site does not have buildings on its territory, then it can be appropriated absolutely any of 17 varieties of land use. Consideration of existing buildings in the selected area is also necessary, because each of them will be taxed.

Where to find out the cadastral value of the land plot

The easiest way to find out the cadastral priceobject - this will apply to the official website of Rosreestr. To do this, you will need to: go to the organization's website and find a public cadastral map. After that, an individual cadastral number of the owner is entered into the special window and a search is carried out, which as a result will provide all the necessary data about the object.

How to know the cadastral value of landplot in other ways? You can do this by contacting directly to one of the divisions of Rosreestr. Specialists of the service on the personal cadastral number of the owner will provide data on the cadastral value of the object, and also, if necessary, explain the calculation scheme. Do not neglect and other ways to find out the required information - a call to the hotline of Rosreestr.

to get cadastral value

How to know the cadastral value of landsite? For this it is necessary to have an individual cadastral number of the owner. It can also be learned through the service of Rosreestr, searching through the location of the facility or when receiving an extract from the Unified State Register.

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