How to correctly calculate the length of service?

Calculation of seniority
Calculation of total work experience is necessary in the firstturn to find the amount that will be paid to the employee after his retirement. Therefore, all the time that a person spent at the workplace, doing business, developing his creative potential or performing other tasks, can be characterized by the term "work experience". In this case, of course, it is necessary to take into account the observance of certain mandatory conditions. For example, timely payment of compulsory insurance contributions and contributions according to the current legislation. In addition, the calculation of seniority involves the registration of those periods of activity, during which the payment of insurance premiums was not paid. However, such a list includes time intervals strictly defined by the legislature, such as military service, parental leave, care for the elderly, whose age is more than 80 years, the disabled of the first group, and also the sessions of employees studying in higher education. In addition, this category includes periods for receiving unemployment benefits.

Calculation of total work experience

As can be seen from all of the above, the calculation of the length of service is an important and responsible measure, which is strictly regulated by the current legislative projects of the state.

Controversial situations

Of course, as in many aspects of the humanThere are some disagreements in calculating this kind of life. In the event that there was a coincidence of the period of work with other activities or other periods of time that must be taken into account when the calculation of the length of service is performed, only one of them should be taken into account. Inevitably the question arises as to which one to choose. An unequivocal answer can only be given by the person whose work record is counted.


Calculation of the length of service for the sick-list
Employee of the company, on leave oncare for the child, performed work corresponding to her duties, prescribed in the contract or contract. Consequently, at the choice of this woman, the period in question can be included in the calculation of the length of service as a period of care for the child or as a period of normal work.

A separate graph should be consideredinsurance experience for the sick-list. After all, the value of the allowance given to the employee directly depends on the reliability of the determination of this period. Even a mistake of just one day can lead to serious differences in the amount of payments.

Calculation of the length of service for the sick-list

It includes several basic time intervals:

1. Hiring under a contract or contract.

2. Passage of municipal or civil service.

3. Service in law enforcement agencies.

4. Labor activity, during which the employee paid all necessary contributions for social insurance.

It should pay attention to the fact thatperiods of time during which a person actually did not work, but was listed in the staff of the organization, must be taken into account in the general order. To such situations it is possible to carry a maternity leave.

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