We make a New Year's gift with our own hands: simple and affordable

It's always nice to receive gifts, but to give them moremore pleasant. You can give a loved one an invaluable token of attention, if you make a New Year gift with your own hands. Winter holidays - the most intense time for the search for presents, so prepare for them is worth it in advance. Let's try to figure out how to make a gift with our own hands and get the maximum pleasure from it.

Guide to action

New Year's gift with your own hands

The process must begin with the preparation of the workplace,choice of techniques of work and purchase of materials necessary for this - below we listed the necessary minimum of tools and tools that you will need to make New Year gifts with your own hands. 2014 is the year of the Horse, and therefore it will be an excellent idea to make figurines for decorating a Christmas tree, decorate postcards, frames or albums for photos by the figures of this animal. There are many options. We will determine the tool on our table and the equipment that will be needed for work. It will take:

  • cutting tools: scissors, clerical knife;
  • adhesive means: glue PVA, glue-pencil;
  • Additional tools: pencil, needle, ruler, eraser, brush.

All listed items should always behand. You should not have any difficulties with their choice, however, a few simple tips should be considered: when choosing PVA glue, pay attention to the thick glue "dispersion", and the ruler is better to buy metal. The New Year presents made by own hands (a photo of their variants are resulted in our article) are rather various. Choose the technology of their manufacture to your liking.

What can a gift be made of?

The simplest material for work ispaper. It is considered an excellent basis for a good gift. The technology of decoration with its use, as well as with the use of ribbons, scraps of fabric is called "decoupage." In the role of the decoration object can act as a card, a box, a vase, a plate and other items. Also snowflakes made of cloth, snow made of cotton wool - show imagination and create a unique New Year gift with your own hands. If you decide to use decoupage, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • New Year's gifts with your own hands photo
    materials of a basis: the old vase, a box, a plate, a cardboard;
  • In addition: fabric, beads, ribbons, cotton wool, threads.

Whichever of the materials for the basics you choose,You should start by gluing the base paper. It will look nice if you use not just colored paper, but old comics or clippings from magazines. Qualitatively olelit base water will help you: water-soaked paper will easily take the necessary form. Fix the sheets with glue PVA, applying it with a thin layer with a brush. After preparing the basics, you can use the imagination in full force.

Do not cover, and dazzle a New Year gift with your own hands made of clay, dough or plasticine

The materials mentioned above are ideal for modeling. Despite the fact that this process is considered a child's occupation, do not be afraid to create gifts from plasticine or clay, even if you have not taken it for a long time. For modeling, we need to prepare the following components:

  • base materials: clay, salted dough, clay;
  • additional materials: beads, threads, scraps of cloth.

New Year's gifts with own hands 2014
You can mold a lot, borders are simply notexist. However, among the most popular ideas for a gift can be called Christmas toys, figurines of angels and snowmen. Having decided on the topic, start creating a presentation by moistening cold water before modeling. We decorate the finished gift with additional materials. A New Year gift with your own hands, molded from dough or clay, will emphasize your individuality and will certainly be to the liking of the one to whom you present it. It will be great if you connect children to the creation process - that's exactly what creativity really likes! A little patience, imagination and diligence - and you will give a person a piece of yourself. Be sure, she will take an important place in his house.

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