We make a gift to a friend with our own hands

As you know, to date, ideas forgifts by their own hands are valued much higher than the banal trip to the store and the purchase of another unnecessary trinkets. Some people have a logical question: "Why?" First of all, because a person who decided to make a gift for you very much loves you and appreciates you. That is why it is of fundamental importance for him to make a present himself, putting his soul and heart into it. And in no case should not blame this person for lack of money or time for a trip to the store. Because hand-made things really become very popular, and not just among young people. We offer you a couple of options for how to make a present yourself. A gift to a friend with her own hands will look much more beautiful, favorably differing from standard store presents, wrapped in bright but not less standard packaging.

a gift to a friend with your own hands
So, consider a couple of options for what kind ofa gift to a friend can be made with her own hands and that for this we will need. Since we want to present not only a good, but also a necessary gift, we suggest to stop on the version of the female diary. Certainly, other options for a female gift exist, but for a girl it's a diary that will be a very necessary thing, because now it's fashionable to conduct so-called "personal diaries" where you can write down all your thoughts. Another plus of this diary is its unusual. Do not argue, now many companies issue notebooks with a bright and simply awesome cover, but there will not be any such a diary as your friend's, and this is his clear plus, which any girl will definitely appreciate. Remember that the main thing is attention, not a gift (in case if it was not too good).

8th of March gifts with own hands
Determined with what gift your girlfriendWe want to do with our hands, we need to prepare the necessary materials, which will be discussed later. In the process of making a gift we will need: an ordinary diary (or a simple thick notebook), two pieces of beautiful colorful paper with different patterns (one-color will not work), glue, rhinestones (of any size and shape, even beads or beads), scissors and thin decorative ribbon. So, the material is ready, now we proceed to describe how to make a gift to a friend with your own hands.

ideas for a gift with your own hands

We begin with a very banal action -we cover the entire front of the notebook with glue. Next, it is necessary to carefully place our colored paper and paste it, making sure that the edges of the colored paper and the diary coincide. To glue the paper it is necessary only (!) On the front part, completely leaving the side of the notebook open. That the paper does not crumple (which is very often the case with the addition of glue), we try hard to press the edges of the notebook at the time of gluing. This will help get rid of the excess air inside, because of which the uneven edges are formed. If you have already committed such a mistake, then you can easily fix it by putting the notebook under the press for a day.

Next, make out the side of the notebook. That's why you need a second piece of colored paper with a different pattern. Cut out the appropriate strip and paste it on top of the first layer of paper, but so that it only slightly gets out on it. Again carefully crush the edges.

Now there is only decor with ribbons and rhinestones - it depends entirely on your imagination.

On the 8th of March, gifts for yourself will be as relevant as on your birthday, and, perhaps, you decide to make just such a diary for a friend or mother.

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