Which bolero crochet easier and faster?

Bolero is such a detail of the wardrobe that is notcall strictly seasonal thing. But at any time of the year it will easily give your room a finished look and a special charm. You can wear it with everyday clothes, and with a festive dress. And if you belong to the category of needlewomen, then you just have to decide which bolero to crochet faster and easier. And just in a few days you can easily update your wardrobe or make a smart model for your baby.

Simple bolero crochet

We knit children

Bolero crochet for the daughter, will please not only her, but others. A praise for the mother-masters, will raise your spirits. Let's look at some simple models of children's boleros.

Crochet children bolero
The first option is quite simple in execution. It will not take much time to make it. You will need the remains of bright yarn, a hook and a little imagination. For a basis it is possible to take any children's T-shirt of the suitable size. Noting the length of the future product with the help of chalk, it is necessary to measure the width of the back. In accordance with the resulting value, type the required number of air loops and begin knitting. A pattern can be chosen any. In the photo, the bolero is made with a pattern from the columns with the crochet and the air loops. Determining the length of the product, do not forget that in the finished form it will be longer by about 5-6 cm, due to decoration by separately bound elements. We knit the backrest to the armhole, after which we do 1.5-2 cm on each side and continue knitting. After checking with the T-shirt, we cut the neck, then we finish knitting each shoulder separately. We knit the knit in a manner similar to the back, only each one separately, since the bolero will have a buckle on the chest. Next, we turn to knitting individual square elements. You can choose any scheme for their manufacture. After they are ready (their number depends on the bolero size), you need to fix them on the parts of the product (back and shelf) with a hook or needle. Now proceed to assembly. Sew the shoulder and side seams. We carry out the fastener. This can be a string or decorative button and a loop of air loops. The edges of the armhole can be tied with contrasting yarns with columns without a crochet or with a "step" step.

This bolero knit crochet very easily and quickly, but its simplicity does not detract from its merits.

Crochet for beginners

Bolero, whose knitting pattern will be describedbelow, is intended for those who like spectacular models, but do not want to spend a lot of time making them. So, you need cotton threads and a hook. You can choose color on your own. Combined versions of several shades also look very original. And if this model bolero knit crochet and decorate with beads (beads), you get a very elegant thing for the festive exits.

Bolero crochet
Backrest manufacture

First, measure the width of the backrest and knit chainsof air loops of appropriate length. Next, we continue to knit a rectangle with columns with a crochet. If you want a more delicate model, you can knit stitches with a crochet, alternating them with airy loops. Having connected for a children's model of 13-15 cm, we finish knitting. For the adult model, you will need to tie a rectangle 20-25 cm high. Now, from the short sides of our part (from the corner), dial the air loops and attach the chain to the other corner. These will be holes for hands (armholes).

Openwork tying

Next we continue knitting in a circle with any openworkpattern, the scheme of which implies a gradual increase in the number of columns. The photo shows what you should get. The width of the lace border depends on your taste. That's all - smart bolero is ready.

Knit crochet for beginners bolero

Which of the above boleros crochet, choose you. But I want to note that both models are simple in execution and suitable for adults and children alike.

There are many original and simple bolero models. Each of them will be unique and original, if you make it yourself.

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