Original birthday present for your own hands

New Year, February 23, March 8 and, of course,Birthday. These holidays are repeated from year to year, and each time we have the same question: "What to give?" There is a standard list, using which, you can confidently solve the issue of presentation more or less. It includes: sweets, flowers, deodorants, cosmetic sets and sets for the shower, stationery, but you want to give something special, pleasant and unlike other souvenirs. At the same time, many people do not think that it is possible to make original gifts for birthday with your own hands. Here are some interesting ideas for this.


How often many people forget about such a simple and touching souvenir. To produce it, you will need colored paper, small beads, ribbons, markers, glue and a little patience.

If you know how to write poetry, then homemadea postcard with your personal congratulations will cause real enthusiasm for a loved one. And if poetry is not your horse, you can search for an interesting congratulation in books or on the Internet.

To issue this gift for your birthdayhands is very simple. Fold in half a sheet of colored paper, you can also take a velvet or just a thick album album. Inside we write wishes, but from the outside we decorate ourselves.


If you are reading this article, then the skills to work witha computer you probably have. Therefore, we begin to apply our knowledge in order to make our own small movie masterpiece. Almost every computer has a program for creating presentations or small video clips. Now it remains to find the appropriate photos, music and text. You can describe the merits of the birthday boy or list all the good wishes. At the same time, we should not forget that the best time for a congratulatory clip is 2-3 minutes. Do not tighten it for a longer time. Firstly, the longer the movie, the harder it is to make, and secondly the plot must be captured and not bother, because of this the optimal duration is a few minutes, no more. This birthday gift can be sent by hand and by e-mail and shown to friends at work.

Unusual photo

Practically in every photo studio there is a possibilityorder a photo on a mug or T-shirt. Use the services of the salon, but at the same time make your own changes and turn this already well-known souvenir into an original birthday present. Pick your own photos with your own hands. It is better to use not the image of the birthday person, but photos of people who are dear to him, the kinds of countries he would like to visit, or a photo of his pet.

Do not necessarily take photos on the T-shirt, you canuse it to make a pillow. As a photo on the mug, select the image of the house where the gifted person grew, his pictures from childhood. Perhaps, children's photos from matinees or other holidays have been preserved, they will also be interesting to use, or maybe it will be a picture from a school album. Choose an interesting inscription.

If a person close to you celebrates not just a daybirthday, and anniversary, then you can make a real photo album with milestones in the life of the birthday. In it to tell about parents, children, relatives, work, study and other interesting events from his life. Such a birthday gift will be pleasant for everyone. This album can be reviewed many times in a row.

Products with your own hands

If you can sew, the problem is howmake a birthday gift with your own hands, is solved by itself. Potholders, towels, various soft toys, small rugs - everything can be found in any house. Now hand-made products are in great demand. Often relatives themselves tell what curtains I would like to hang in the hall or how I would like to make covers for old chairs. It remains only to listen to them and to translate their fantasies into reality.

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