Openwork waistcoat with knitting needles - classic, which remains popular

At present, learn how to knit a fishnet vestspokes is easy, because there are enough methodical materials or just knitting magazines, where the technique is explained in detail. This detail has become not only a convenient wardrobe item, but also a stylish thing that gives a complete image. This part of the clothing largely lost its original functions of warming, and the waistcoat became an elegant addition - a product in which the craftsman puts all her skills and soul. Such a wardrobe item can be used at any time of the year, just for winter time, woolen, cashmere or mixed yarns with a high content of natural fibers are chosen for knitting the waistcoat, and for the summer time, bright yarn of cotton, silk or synthetic fibers is taken for knitting.

Openwork vest - the evolution of the details of clothing in the wardrobe

Undoubtedly, in times not so remotean openwork waistcoat, with knitting needles that was easy to connect, was a luxury item available to a fairly small number of women - in the vast majority of cases only very well-off ladies could afford such a garment. In all other cases, waistcoats or shower coats were used for warming in the cold season - for knitting a waistcoat in general, different threads could be used, different patterns could be combined, and the work itself took relatively little time.

Openwork waistcoat knits usingall available skills, then it will become a real decoration and stylish piece in the wardrobe, but for this it is necessary to choose the right yarn for knitting and a suitable style. No master will knit a summer openwork vest with knitting needles from thick and coarse woolen threads - in this case cotton, linen or mixed yarn can be selected, and if necessary, thin cashmere should be used. In the winter wardrobe, on the contrary, for "knitting" we choose more "warm" yarns made of wool or acrylic and more dense patterns, and such a waistcoat will warm your mistress well and help you to escape even from severe frosts.

How to choose the right model

Today, knit the openwork vests with knitting needlesthe most different length and style, but when choosing a specific model, you should always remember that the short length of the product visually reduces the proportions of the figure. That's why a lady with solid proportions is better to associate a long shazubl. Such a product will help visually redistribute proportions of proportions and "facilitate" the silhouette. Girls of high stature and lean physique can tie a delicate waistcoat with spokes of a short silhouette (it can be both stitched and free). In this case, you can hide excessive leanness and give a certain femininity to the figure.

Openwork waistcoat, knitting needles that can be tied up evenwith a minimum of skills, can be used in many styles of clothing - it is generally considered that it is incompatible only with the form for sports and a special working form. In all other cases, such a product can be included in ensembles and successfully combined with different styles of clothing up to the style of "military", but traditionally such things become the highlight of ensembles of classical or romantic style.

Vest, knitted with needles - what is the secret of popularity

Many women will agree with the statement thatknitting clothes helps to solve several problems - from the need to constantly update the wardrobe to the possibility of their own hands to create real masterpieces. An openwork waistcoat, which any craftsman can knit, unlike a similar product made by a crochet, will be connected much faster, and boast of the fruits of his labor can be much sooner. That is why many women in the modern world continue to engage in needlework, even with a fairly high level of income, because the product, associated with their own hands, will always be the only one of its kind and therefore unique.

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