An original gift for the birthday of your own hands - create and please your loved ones!

Having received an invitation to another birthdaya friend, a friend, many of us ask the question: "What to present?" Everyone approaches this difficult business in their own way: someone goes on a shopping trip, and someone studies magazines and sites in the hope of finding an original gift on the day of birth. With your hands, if you have a creative beginning and rich imagination, you can try to build something worthwhile. In addition, such a souvenir will be unique, because it is impossible to create two identical things. Of all the variety of master classes presented to create non-trivial things, it is worth choosing the one that is closest in spirit. If initially the soul, as they say, does not lie to the creation of a unique craft, we should nevertheless stop at the ready-made purchase option. The original gift for the birthday of their own hands with a great desire can get much better than what was acquired.

original gift for the birthday of their own hands
Postcard, made in the technique of quilling,undoubtedly, will please a birthday person of any age. A flower from a fabric will be to taste to any woman or girl. Ownly cooked soap will enthrall the child, especially if through the transparent layer will look through the picture on water-soluble paper with his favorite characters from the animated films.

It will not be difficult to presentthe original gift to a girlfriend for a birthday. You can make a photo album with your hands, where the best moments of your joint activities, trips, significant moments are captured in the pictures. With the help of scrapbooking technique you get a unique, interesting and colorful gift. Using the same technique, you can create and decorate a jewelry box and jewelry.

original birthday gift for a friend with her own hands
Presenting a birthday present such a gift, be sure that she will appreciate the uniqueness and the need for a souvenir.

The original gift for a guy on his birthday with his own hands, probably will not be so easy. At least because the spectrum of what can be pleased with a representative of the strong half of mankind is narrowing somewhat.

the original gift to the guy on his birthday with his own hands
But for fans of soap technology problems should not arise - natural foamfor shaving, a set of shampoos and shower gels, combined with fragrant soap is unlikely to leave the elect indifferent. And you can, as they say, kill two birds with one stone - it's nice to make a photo frame, insert a joint picture into it. This is an extra reason to remind yourself of a loved one, and an original gift.

For those who can sew, embroider, knit, weavebeads, create an original gift for the birthday of their own hands will not be an impossible task. Women will be delighted with a set of tablecloths with napkins adorned with rare embroidery, adolescents - woven baubles, children - fancy dresses, different from those sold in stores. Linking a woolen shawl for the grandmother, who will warm it on the winter evenings, you will receive a grateful admirer of your creativity.

Re-creating the original birthday giftwith their own hands, you can not only enjoy the very process of making it, but also bring a sea of ​​emotions to the birthday person, because what is done with love can not turn out badly!

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