Knitted baby cap is an important part of the wardrobe

In the cold season without warm things can not do,especially children. At the same time young mods should have several models of headdresses of different colors and styles. In this case, the child will always be dressed "in the weather," and Mom will not have to make a difficult choice between a very tight hat and a very thin one. If there are several headgear to choose the most suitable will be easy. Especially if a knitted baby cap is made from natural yarn.

knitted cap

In such a product the child will be comfortable in anyseason. However, the threads must have a suitable composition and thickness. Do not make a hat made of flax for winter or knit a charming panama of wool. In the first case, the child can freeze, and in the second - it will be hot, even if you select a thin thread. Making a summer hat, it is better to choose a cotton yarn thinner. To carry out the work, it is preferable to hook 1 - 1.5. In such a case, the density of the knitting will be optimal for the product to hold the mold well. At the same time, it will not be very thick. Many mothers perform fields of children's hats with an openwork pattern. Such a finished product will necessarily have to starch, so that it does not change its shape during prolonged wearing.

cap for the boy with knitting needles

It is also very important to choose a suitable model. Do not think that if a knitted baby cap looks very good on one child, it is also perfect for another. Each kid is individual, this must be taken into account. If one child feels very comfortable in one model, wearing another will give him some discomfort. Therefore, when choosing a new headdress, you must always ask the opinion of the baby. If he feels uncomfortable, it is better to give up such a thing. It is also very important that the knitted baby cap harmoniously combined with the rest of the clothes.

Models for girls are represented in a widecolor scale. If desired, you can tie a panama or hat bright red or pink, as well as any other color. A knitted baby cap, designed for a girl, practically does not occur in black tones. The exception can be winter models, made of wool yarn. But even then, they must be decorated in such a way that the finished product looks very beautiful and festive. For example, many mothers in this color are tying caps in the shape of animals. Winter hat, reminiscent of a black cat, it will be very unusual to look at a girl, especially if it is supplemented with a similar scarf and handbag.

cap for a boy

Hats for girls for the summer, as a rule,are made by means of a hook, and here the cap for the boy knits most often. In the latter case, the product is sufficiently dense and beautiful, even if the model itself is fairly simple. It can always be decorated by tying a funny car or a bright helicopter. It is also possible to contrast contrast, when, for example, the base is made in black, and along the edge of the panama is trimmed with a white thread. Such a cap for the boy will look good in the wardrobe of any baby.

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