Knitted skirt: a diagram and a description of the work

Skirt - one of the most common and popular elements of the women's wardrobe. Warm, light, crocheted, sewn, openwork, dense - any only emphasizes femininity and elegance.

This season again at the peak of popularity knitted skirts. Spokes (with diagrams and descriptions in the kit) can be linked by a beginner needlewoman.

Simple skirt

The simplest pencil skirt is knitted in Englishrubber band. To get started, you need to take measurements - waist circumference, hip circumference, length of the product. The last parameter is the length that the skirt should be. For non-standard figures this figure is measured both in front and behind.

The compulsory step is to calculate the density of knitting andmaking a test sample. To do this, you need to tie the flap 10 to 10 cm, wash it, dry it and heat it (steaming). After the sample has dried, the ruler measures the number of loops that enters 1 cm.

For example, in 1 cm 2.5 loops. Waist circumference - 72 cm. In order for the skirt to sit on the figure at the waist, it is necessary to dial 72 x 2,5 = 180 loops. This number of loops will plant the article clearly on the waist, the skirt will not be too wide or narrow.

Description of knitting

The first 5 cm knit with an elastic band 2 x 2 (2 loops - front, 2 - purl). Invalid row - how to look at the loops.

After 5 cm begin to knit with an elastic band 1 x 1. They knit evenly, without adding or subtracting to the thigh line. Then you need to check how the skirt looks on the hips. If the difference between the waist and hips is very large (more than 20 cm), then you need to make a few increases. If the addition is not done, the hinges may stretch too much and the product visually impart more volume to the hips. Additions must be made at a uniform distance from each other.

After the additions are made, knit smoothlyabout 20 cm. The product should be periodically tried on the model (if there is such an opportunity). After tying, 20 cm is done. This is necessary so that in the knee area (if the skirt is so long) there was not a large blade around the leg and no "pike tail" effect was created, when the cloth is wrapped and crisscrossed from the back of the knee.

Decreases are also made evenly.

skirt knitted needles pattern and description

Depending on the wishes, the skirt can be connected with an elastic band 2 x 2, 3 x 3 or even a dress or a stocking.

If you want a skirt knitted with knitting needles,The diagram and description help to create that model that will fit directly to the figure type and case. You can knit a skirt like on two spokes with rotary knitting, and on four, in a circle, the so-called "pipe". Knitting on four spokes has a great advantage - there is no seam on which the product is assembled.

Children's skirt

For little girls, a knitted skirt is excellenta decision for every day, and for festive events. Looks great on the child any skirt knitted with knitting needles. The scheme and description (the children's model differs in some moments) will help to connect a beautiful thing.

children's knitted skirt

The children's model in most cases, unlike the adult, is knitted exactly. Additions or subtractions to fit the figure do not, because the child does not yet have such pronounced bends of the body.

Stages of knitting

To knit a skirt for a girl you need to choosesoft comfortable yarn and determine the pattern. For an interesting, but elegant skirt is a good option, in which the upper part is knitted smoothly, and in the lower - is decorated with a pattern. This skirt will be warm, but elegant.

The skirt is knitted from top to bottom with the facial smoothness. In order to be able to pass the elastic band, the first 10 rows are bound with an English rubber band with 1 x 1 spokes of smaller size. Then go to the main knitting needles and knit the main pattern until the length is sufficient.

The bottom of the article is decorated with an openwork pattern.

Knitted skirts with knitting needles with diagrams and description

Repeat pattern - 15 loops for 27 rows. These parameters should be taken into account when knitting a pattern. If necessary, additions are made in the last row.

Symbols of the scheme:

  • + - front loop.
  • About - knitted накид. On the wrong side is sewn with a wrong loop.
  • The right triangle tilted to the right - two front loops are fastened immediately behind the front walls.
  • A triangle tilted to the left - two front loops for the rear walls are fastened immediately.
  • An isosceles triangle - the loop is removed from the front, then two knits with a facial loop, and the resulting loop is looped through the removed one.

Due to the bulk of the picture at the bottom of the skirt turns a kind of shuttlecock, which looks very interesting.


More elegant version of the skirt - elongated, with a flare down. Such a model is called a "year". The skirt-year, knitted with knitting needles looks festive. The scheme and description of the work are simple and easy to perform.

skirt year knitted needles pattern and description

The peculiarity of the skirt is that it is tight to the knee and sits tight, but it does not hinder movements. And below the knee, due to a sharp addition in volume, the skirt goes flounces.

It is very simple to link this yourself. As a basis for the top is chosen a simple form - an elastic band or a smooth surface. But the lower part can be made with any pattern.

skirt knitted needles pattern and description for children

The symbols on the diagram are classical. The product is knitted in two ways:

The first way: knee is knit to the knee exactly, knee-like increases are made below the knee. The skirt is knitted with a whole cloth.

2nd method: the wedges connected separately are sewed to the main part.

3rd way: the skirt is made of trapeziums, the upper base of which in the total gives the waist circumference, and the bottom - the width of the year.

It turns out that the knitted skirt is knitted with knitting needles. The outline, description for the girl or for the adult woman is the same.

Skirt with Arans

Fashionable variant - with arans skirt knitted with knitting needles. The scheme and description of the pattern explain why the arans differ from the classical knitting of braids.

knitted skirt pattern description for girl

The peculiarity of knitting arans is thatFor work do not need additional knitting needles. To form a pattern, a sequential knitting technique is used, during which the loop is first tied, which must be on top, and then a loop that will not be visible.

On the diagram, vertical dashes depict facial loops, horizontal - purl.

Two vertical with underline, continuingover two vertical ones - these are loops tied in series: first the fourth loop from the beginning of the knitting needle is knitted, then the third. They are tied with facial, but the loops are not removed from the knitting needle, after that the second and the first from the beginning of the needle of the loop are knitted in a classical way and all the loops are removed from the knitting needle.

The pattern that turns out is called "arans" and is great for skirts. According to this pattern, the skirt, knitted with knitting needles, the scheme and description of which is suggested above, is sure to please the owner.</ span </ p>

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