How to make a laser with your own hands at no extra cost

The laser is useful and interesting. All, probably, in childhood played with cheap Chinese pointer. However, over time it becomes clear that these are children's toys. And then the idea of ​​how to make a serious, powerful laser that will cut steel, like in films, begins to mature. Steel, alas, is very difficult to cut, only powerful industrial tools can do this. So let's try to learn how to make a laser with your own hands, to cut something less durable, for example, plastic.

how to make a laser by yourself

If you ask the engineer about how to make a laserwith your own hands, then he will advise you to take a powerful light bulb and focus the light in a beam. However, this will not really be a laser. The main difference between a laser and a flashlight is the coherence of a beam of light. For a laser to be real, one must take, for example, a device of the same name from a writing (necessarily!) CD or DVD drive. The laser is powerful enough there, and the higher the write speed, the more powerful it is.


In addition to the drive we will need:

- two capacitors: polar 2200 uF and 100 pF;

- power supply 3.6V, 150-170mA (several parallel batteries from phones are suitable);

- Resistor 2 ... 5 Ohm;

- the case with a radiator (the laser at work is heated quite strongly);

- soldering iron;

- Screwdriver, pliers, electrical tape.

how to make a laser from dvd

Let's analyze the drive. There will be two lasers: an infrared laser to read information (there will be a lens on it) and an optical one for recording, we need it. In addition to the laser, do not forget to get a lens. Do it carefully, so as not to damage the details we need. Attention! When working with a laser, avoid any statics, this can disrupt its structure and turn it into an ordinary diode. In addition, it can not be connected directly to the battery.

The scheme

To work the laser will need an electronic circuit,which can be soldered by anyone. It consists of two capacitors connected in parallel to each other and to the laser itself (the positive output of the polar capacitor is soldered to the laser input and the positive pole of the PI). In addition, a resistor is soldered to the positive output of the IP. The scheme can be included. This scheme has a high loss factor, but it is simple. If you want to do something more abruptly, you can solder a more complex circuit based on the LM317 or LM2621 chips.

high-power laser

However, if you just turn on the laser, it will notgive out a ray. It will shine like a flashlight, only red. How to make a laser by yourself from this device? Recall that somewhere else lies the lens extracted from the drive. With its help, you can focus the light into a beam with a diameter of 1 mm or a point at some distance. If you need a pointer, then a ray is better, and it's more convenient to burn a point. All the device will be placed in a case equipped with a button and ventilation. The device is ready.


Attention! The laser is very powerful! Such a thing will easily burn out the retina to anyone who looks at it. Just in case, before making a laser from a DVD, get protective glasses. And never send it to man in person!

Now, knowing how to make a laser with your own hands, you can start burning matches, cutting packages and other interesting events.

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