Bolero pattern crochet: principles of knitting and recommendations

Bolero, that is, a short blouse wornin addition to tops or dresses, is very popular. This wardrobe item deservedly enjoys the love of women of almost all ages. There are models developed for children, adolescents and ladies in adulthood, most of them help to realize crochet. Bolero (the scheme, the description is individual for each product) can perform a decorative or practical function.

bolero pattern

From what it is possible to connect bolero

If it is a warm clothing, then you should use fine wool, angora or mohair. These types of yarn have many valuable qualities:

  • Keep warm.
  • They pass the air.
  • Absorb moisture.
  • Presentable look.

Do not try to work with acrylic, polyamide and microfiber, as they are completely incapable of warming, even if the thread is very similar to wool.

These materials, imitating cotton and viscose,much better suited for creating an openwork cloth. Along with cotton, linen and bamboo, they make it possible to make a beautiful summer product. The bolero scheme is developed by each crochet independently, based on its purpose and personal preferences. The basis can be a simple or patterned pattern.

To build a pattern of the product, you do not need to befashion designer, many practical advice can be gleaned from magazines. In cases where the master works with fragments connected separately and connected in one sheet, the bolero pattern is an elementary drawing based on the main dimensions of the model and the parameters of the motif. Several excellent examples of such products are presented below.

The simplest model openwork bolero

Both beginners and experienced knitters are considered equallinear patterns are the most practical. Such cloths begin with a chain of air loops. Their knitting continues upwards in straight and reverse rows in accordance with the parameters of the pattern. In the figure below, a bolero model with a deep smooth rollout is proposed. The advantage of this model is the ability to place the clasp on the gear parts. It can be a button, a decorative hook, a clip or a simple knitted lace.

scheme and description of the bolero crochet

To perform it correctly and, importantly,symmetrically, it is required to draw a contour on paper and apply a cloth to it when knitting. The pattern can be chosen any, for example the one shown in the diagram.

pattern of fishnet pattern for bolero

Sequence of the pattern:

  • A chain of air loops (VP).
  • 2VP; 2 columns with a crochet (CCH), manifested in the 5th loop of the chain; 2VP; 2SN in the same loop as the previous CLOs; 2VP in the 5th P; column without crochet (RLS). Repeat the sequence until the end of the row.
  • 3VP for lifting; 2SSN; 2VP; 3SSN; 2VP; ICSN; 2SSNwith a common apex. The principle of execution of this element is depicted in the diagram. The sequence is repeated anew many times, except for the lifting loops. At the end of the series.

The third row repeats the first, and the fourth - the second.

The density of knitting will depend on the thickness of the yarn. The following description is given for such parameters: 10 cm = 5 rapports, 10 cm = 12 rows.

Backrest manufacture and transfer

Back part:

  • The initial chain of 176 VP (44 cm).
  • Knit a square on a pattern 34 cm high.

The left half of the part is transferred:

  • Dial 88 VP.
  • To form a bevel, the neck is requiredcut one rapport in four rows until 11 is left instead of 11. Due to the presence of diagonal inclined stripes, the pattern makes it very easy to perform cuts. Also it is possible to form a bevel, being guided by the drawn pattern.
  • Then the detail is knit exactly at a height of 34 cm from the tying edge.

The right detail is passed knit similarly. The finished cloths are washed, dried and sewn over the shoulders. The sides should be sewn from the bottom edge to a height of 16 cm, the remaining 18 will become armholes.

The throat, the line of the bottom and armholes should be tied and sewed with a clasp. The scheme of the lace trim is suggested in the diagram.

Scheme and description of the bolero with a crocheted motif

The easiest way to work with square fragments. Their precise geometric shape excludes the appearance of complex parts, so such models are initially planned to be simplified. In this paragraph, the scheme and description of the bolero with a hook is given, which does not provide for the curly armholes and throats.

bolero pattern for girls

As can be seen in the figure, both parts of the article (andfront, and back) are rectangles. In order to obtain armholes, only the squares marked with the symbols "A" and "B" are stitched, leaving at the same time a non-sewn area equal to the length of one motive. If by individual measures the width of the armhole should be more than one square, then the unshielded section should be left longer.

To connect fragments in the whole canvas atthe production of the last row or when all the motives are ready. The latter method is preferable, since it makes it easier to fix errors. However, when the connections are made by the first method, the canvas looks neater.

What you should pay attention to

This bolero pattern has its own peculiarity: during tying the armhole, they should be slightly pulled off. If this is not done, the shoulders will crack. To avoid this, in the patterns for sewing or for the manufacture of some knitted products, the lowering of the shoulder (several centimeters) is planned.

Square shoulder is great if you need itbolero pattern for girls. Also it is worth considering that such a blouse can not have a buckle. The front shelves do not converge, so the bolero takes the form of a waistcoat. However, this is insignificant, since the product is summer and very openwork.

Knit bolero crochet: product scheme with sleeves

A more complex product model that hassleeves and a wide strap around the entire perimeter, can be used literally with any clothing. She harmoniously looks with an evening gown, jeans or a light sundress.

crochet bolero schema description

This bolero pattern also consists of squares, but triangular halves of the motifs are provided to form a smooth line of the neck. Sleeves are also formed by squares.

In this model, the strapping is as decorative as the main pattern. Both one and the other play an important role, complementing each other.

Finished product processing

When the main work (knitting) is completedparts, their stitching and binding), with the product should be treated very carefully. It should not be washed in the car and at a high water temperature. It is better to just hand wash. Also, the bolero does not need to be ironed and dried in a hang-out (only in the unfolded).

knit bolero

These recommendations can be attributed to all knitsthings. Many of them know, but often ignore. Wool and cotton often shrink, and synthetic fibers in their composition can stretch. The gaps in the care can turn a short neat bolero into a jacket or, which is significantly worse, into a doll's clothing.

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