Crochet. Bolero for Beginners

A good breakdown of strength for a beginner skilled workerwill be crocheting bolero: the thing is small, so the result of the work can be estimated after a few days from the beginning of work. At the same time, a variety of models and patterns will allow you to choose an option for every taste.

Knitting by scheme

Knowledge of symbols and the ability to read the diagramfacilitates crochet. Bolero most often has the form of a wedge starting from the neck. The length of the product, the pattern and finish depends on the model, the type of yarn and your desire. The most suitable option for beginners is the scheme, according to which the bolero is knitted with one detail. The main thing is to clearly follow the notations and correctly perform each element, then the result will justify the expectations. Usually the pattern consists of rapports - repeating sections. The construction of the scheme should take into account that the rapports should fit entirely, otherwise the pattern will look ragged, which will spoil the look of the entire product.

Choosing a schema is an important step if you decidelearn knitting bolero crochet. Schemes in printed and electronic publications are usually published together with a photograph of the finished model, which greatly facilitates the perception. It is important to consider that in order to achieve a benchmark result, all recommendations of the author of the publication, concerning the thickness and composition of the yarn, the number of the hook and the order of actions, must be strictly observed.

Crochet crocheting by description

To work on the description, know the designations of loopson the scheme is not necessary. It is enough to follow the steps that are given in the text clearly. On the one hand, it makes the process easier, but on the other hand, it is more difficult to detect a mistake in the process of work, it is easier to get lost and get confused. Also, sometimes the author of the description is inaccurate. In principle, crocheting bolero is not so difficult, so it is possible to fulfill it by description.

Knitting bolero for a girl under one year old

It is known that the less voluminous thing, the fasteryou will be able to complete the knitting. That is why the beginners are best trained to train their skills in children's clothing. The work is fast, the little things are cute, so there is excitement to knit again and again.

The following is a description on which you canto make bolero for baby up to a year. Likewise, large sizes are knit, it is only necessary to take measurements from the model and orient oneself to them when knitting, if possible, periodically trying on the product. A distinctive feature of this model is a simple pattern that will look interesting on a small child, older girls should choose a pattern more complicated.


  1. Prepare the sample. For this, tie 10 air loops and tie 1 row with columns without a crochet. Measure the resulting fragment, this is useful for calculating the number of loops needed to start knitting.
  2. Remove the measurements. Take a T-shirt or blouse baby and measure the length of the neck: this size and it is worthwhile to navigate.
  3. Calculate the number of loops, dividing the length of the neck by the length of the sample and multiplying by 10. So many loops and you need to type.
  4. Start knitting with chains, second rowtie off the columns without a crochet and measure again - an error in the calculations is better to detect immediately. If the beginning of the product is equal to the length of the neck - continue to work.
  5. The next row is knitted with piles. In order for the bolero to expand, in each fifth loop, tie two posts.
  6. Knit in the same way 6-7 cm, in every second row making additions.
  7. Spread the bolero on a flat surface,folding it in this way, as it will be worn. The place of the future string should be ahead of the neck. Now measure from each edge of 6 cm, and in place of the mark, connect the thread front and back. So you will form the sleeves and determine the further front of the work.
  8. Then only knit the area that was inside the marks. The length of the transmission and the backrest are selected individually. When you reach the required size, finish the job.
  9. Make strings of chains of air loops and attach them to the edges of the neck. Further bolero can be finished with any decorative elements, and you can wear it as well.
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