How to tie a jacket-bolero with knitting needles

Elegant and elegant jacket-bolero can becomea perfect addition to the evening dressing, if you tie it from quality mohair yarn or angora. Of course, such a thread requires accuracy in the work and construction of the pattern, but the process of knitting itself is quite simple.

To bind the bolero with knitting needles in accordance withthe necessary size, we will make a pattern of the model on the tracing paper. The basis will be a rectangle with sides 56x151 centimeters. We measure successively along the long side 10, 30, 9, 53, 9, 30 and 10 cm.

The first ten centimeters is the height of the cuff,which is carried out by an elastic band. The next thirty are the length of the sleeve, nine are the shelf, the widest part is the back of the product. We divide the narrow side in half and lay off from the center to the right and left for 12 centimeters, from the points we draw straight lines to the end points of the sleeve.

Bolero with knitting needles

The resulting figure will be a pattern that you need to orient yourself in doing the work.

Bolero with knitting needles. Materials:

- yarn mohair or alpaca - 700 meters;

- knitting needles №3 and №4,5;

- Loop markers.

Before proceeding to the main work, we willsample rubber band 1x2 on spokes of a larger size. Twenty-two loops of the sample must correspond to ten centimeters of the canvas. If there is such a need, change the knitting needles to another number.

The bolero knits together in one detail, we begin and finish the work with the cuff.

Beginning of knitting:

How to bind bolero with knitting needles

We type on the thin knitting needles 48 loops and knitan elastic band 1x1 with a height of about 10 centimeters. In the last row add 4 loops and go to the spokes of the larger number. Further in the front row we knit 5 stitches with garter stitch, 43 medium elastic bands 1x2 and the last loops are again forked.

We continue to knit bolero with knitting needles according to the drawing,adding alternately one loop in each second and fourth row, until the total number of them is 119. Periodically checking the pattern, we knit without adding until the product is 49 centimeters long. We mark the end of the sleeve with markers on both sides, after which we perform a backboard with a length of 53 centimeters. The beginning of the second sleeve is also marked with markers, after 9 centimeters we start decreasing the loops according to the same principle as increasing the width of the sleeve. We knit the bolero sleeve with an additional 39 centimeters, until 53 loops are left on the knitting needles, then we switch to thin knitting needles, remove 4 loops and perform an elastic band 1x1 for 10 centimeters.

Bind bolero with knitting needles

The finished product is applied to the pattern, withthe need to adjust the details. Sew the sleeves of the sleeves from the markers to the ends of the cuffs. Now you know how to bind bolero with knitting needles in the classical version, and you can safely experiment with similar models.

A simple bolero model for each day is tied tobased on raglan. After the gates are made with an elastic band, knit the product with your favorite pattern, increasing its width with the help of a connecting loop of raglan. The shelves are evenly rounded, successively closing the hinges from the gate to the side seam. Sleeve products can be made of any length, having issued a rubber band around the edge. The smooth line of the bead and the back should also be tied with an elastic band so that the product does not lose shape. At the gate, sew a button or insert a braid - your bolero is ready! Steam it with an iron through the fabric, without touching the rubber bands, and wear it with pleasure.

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