What is the shield of Captain America made of? How to make the Captain America's shield with your own hands

The companies "Marvel" and "DiSi" have firmly established themselves on thethe pedestal of the best comic book publishers about superheroes. Children around the world worship their characters: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and others.

One of the most memorable heroes of the universe"Marvel" is Stephen Rogers, also known as Captain America. The difficult and thorny path of the hero gave him the love of thousands of fans. The main weapon of Captain America is a shield painted in the colors of the flag of the United States of America.

from which the shield of Captain America is made

The life path of Stephen Rogers in the universe of comics and films varies. But only one thing remains unchanged: his shield.

Captain America: The Story of a Character

Stephen Grant Rogers was born long before the First World War. July 4, 1920 Sarah Rodgers gave birth to her first-born. Steve's father soon died in the war and his mother brought him up alone.

Rogers grew up as a sickly and sickly child, sufferedasthma, he had poor hearing and vision. During the call to war he was denied time after time. But one day the luck smiled at the boy and the guy became part of the experiment to create a super soldier. Thanks to the serum, his body changed and reached its peak.

how to make a captain captain america made of paper

Strength, speed, regeneration became much better,than an ordinary person. But in the last months of the war, Steve disappeared. Later, already in modern times, it was found in the ice. Soon after, Captain America joined the "Avengers".

Vibranium is the most durable metal of the "Marvel"

Many Rogers fans ask themselves: "What is made of the shield of Captain America?" The superhero's favorite weapon is created by their alloy of vibronic - the most durable metal in the world. It is almost impossible to destroy it. The shield is capable of absorbing energy so that even Hulk's blows will not harm the Captain.

After it became known what the shield was made ofCaptain America, it becomes interesting why no longer produced weapons from this alloy. The fact is that vibranium is a rare and expensive metal, it's not so much. But fans should not despair because your own shield can be made from improvised materials.

How to make a Captain America shield from cardboard and paper

Is it possible, using only paper productscreate an object that will look like a legendary shield? There are several options for how to make Captain America's shield from paper and other improvised materials. One of the easiest ways is to cut it out of thick cardboard.

how to make a shield captain america their metal

The optimum radius is from 60 to 70centimeters. Next, you need to carefully cut the circle and paste the edges with paper tape. The next step is painting. The first circle is central. It occupies a third of the total area and must be painted blue. Further, the remaining space must be divided into three circles of the same width. After the lines were drawn, it's time to paint. Gradually the circles turn red, white and red again.

The last step is the white star in the blue circle. Draw it carefully: it should occupy the entire circle, but do not go beyond it. Then, painting and drying take place. A board made of cardboard is ready.

Captain America's shield of metal

For any superhero fan to become the owner of their individual weapons - great luck. The same goes for fans of Captain America. His shield is the personification of the idea of ​​the character's way.

And when it is already clear what the shield of the Captain is made ofAmerica, many want to get a copy of it. But it costs a lot of money, so often you have to look for other ways to get a shield. In such cases, many people are thinking about how to make the Captain America's shield with their own hands.

Since Rogers' weapons have a clear shape - a circle, not every material is suitable for work. Paper and paperboard - this is a budget option, because bad weather can easily spoil it.

how to make a captain of america cardboard

But there is a good alternative - steel. But how to make Captain America's shield from metal?

In order to make a shield with your own hands, you will need:

  • The sheet has become convex.
  • Screws.
  • Paint.
  • Belts.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Drill.
  • Grinding machine.

All fans know what the shield of Captain America is made of. Fictitious metal can not be found, but it can be replaced by a common analog - steel.

To begin with, it is necessary to draw steel on the sheetcircle, the recommended radius of which is thirty-three centimeters. Also on the outside should be drawn three more circles, the same as on the original shield. Then you need to cut off excess parts. Using a grinder, you need to polish the outer side, without erasing the drawn circles.

Further, with the help of a drill, the holes for fastening are knocked out on the inside. Precisely matching grooves are drilled on the belts. With the help of screws, the belts fit tightly to the "shield".

The original shield of Captain America consists offour rings: red, white, again red and blue, in the center of which is a white star. Circles have a diameter of 12, 19, 26 and 33 centimeters. Painting is carried out in several stages.

If desired, you can change the colors on the shield. For example, in the film "The First Avenger: Another War," the shield of Captain America did not resemble the US flag.

Attributes of "Marvel": purchase in online stores

Get the shield of Captain America by anotherway. Online stores around the world are actively promoting the attributes of superheroes from comics and films. Find the shield of Captain America is not difficult. True, it will cost more than a hundred dollars.

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