Piñata with his own hands - an unusual and delicious gift

Do not know how to entertain guests at a party? Piñata is a great variant of an exciting game and a pleasant surprise. This simple toy will bring an ocean of joy and pleasure to both children and adults. Pinyata, made by myself, is the topic of our article.

What is this entertainment?


The idea of ​​piñata was born in Mexico, and popularityhas acquired in the USA. It's hard to imagine an American birthday without this funny game. Piñata does not leave anyone indifferent, that's why he enjoys such success at the holidays.

The essence of fun is that with closedwith the help of a big stick, smash the piñata. It is a ball or figure of another form, generously decorated, with a filler of sweets, candies and other sweets. It is a delicious surprise - the goal of the game. After breaking the piñata, all the sweets are poured out on the floor, and then they are dealt with by the children.

Inside you can put not only sweets, but alsoany unbreakable souvenirs. Pinyata, created by your own hands, will not give you much trouble during the manufacturing process, but it certainly will become the highlight of the holiday program. Believe me, children will look forward to fun entertainment.

Piñata can also become a guest in the adultholiday. For example, it is easy to make it in the form of figures, indicating the age of the birthday person. Also popular are romantic gifts in the form of hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day.

how to make a piñata with your own hands
How to make a piñata with your own hands

Prepare the following materials and tools:

  1. A balloon or a big ball.
  2. Many old newspapers.
  3. PVA glue.
  4. Gouache.
  5. Corrugated paper.
  6. Colored paper, cardboard.
  7. Sequins, flowers, beads and other elements of decor at their own discretion.
  8. Ropes or wire.
  9. Sweets or any sweets.

Piñata itself can be performed in anyform. First, think over the general style to pick up the materials. Very popular are all kinds of animals, for which you will need a set of colored paper, ribbons and corrugated paper. Original looks piñata, imitating a beehive. In this case, useful colors of yellow and orange colors, as well as figurines of bees.

Now let's take a closer look at how to make a gift with your own hands, which is exactly remembered.

to make your own gift
The base of the piñata will be a balloon. However, if the participation of a large number of players is planned, it is better to take a large ball with an air vent.

  1. Inflate the ball or ball.
  2. Generously sprinkle the surface of the ball with water and cover it with small pieces of paper or newspaper, previously sliced. This technique is called papier mache. Overlap the paper.
  3. how to make a piñata
    Next, coat the first layer with glue and attach the second level of paper.
  4. Now we must wait. Piñata, produced by your own hands, can take a long time, because the process of drying glue sometimes lasts a long time. Immediately warn that it will be necessary to dry each layer separately, which takes 1-2 hours.
  5. On the glue we plant ropes or wire, on which the structure will be fastened.
  6. Repeat a few more layers of paper. If you are making a piñata for little children, then you can limit yourself to three layers so that it is easier for them to break the toy. For adults, it is better to make the walls denser (5-6 layers).
  7. Blast the balloon or blow off the ball and gently remove it from the paper cocoon.
  8. Do not forget to leave a small hole on top, in which you will lay the sweets for the kids. Also, the inside of the piñata can be filled with tinsel, sparkles and the remains of the used decor.
  9. The most interesting thing left is to give yourthe creation is finished. To do this, useful colors that are good to cover the pieces of the newspaper. Also, paper of all colors, ribbons, bows, flowers and other attributes of the holiday can be used.
    decorate a piñata
  10. If you want to make a pinyat of a certain shape, you will first have to make a frame from cardboard. Further it is decorated with any materials.
    to make a piñata

Piñata with his own hands is prepared. Now it was left to hang it securely and give it to the sweet tooth.

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