How to knit bolero with knitting needles?

Make your wardrobe bright and varied you candifferent ways. Many go to the store for shopping, having previously studied the latest fashion trends in glossy magazines. But sometimes it is not even necessary to purchase a new suit or dress. Especially in case you can knit bolero with knitting needles. This stylish wardrobe thing will update the look of the dress or sundress. Agree that the white delicate bolero, tied with a thin hook, really looks very beautiful and festive!

knit bolero with knitting needles

If you buy a thread with the addition of lurex andmake a unique model in the technique of Irish lace, you can go to a solemn event. Even if you put on the same dress that you were wearing the last time: no one will guess. All glances will be riveted to a new stylish accessory, complementing the evening outfit.

knit bolero with knitting needles

You can also knit bolero with knitting needles for everyday work. If your institution does not have strict requirements for the dress code, then you will certainly become the most stylish and fashionable woman in the team. Perhaps even start knitting bolero with knitting needles. After all, it often happens that when you see a beautiful thing from your employee, many people ask you to make the same for yourself or your relatives. However, in this case it will be necessary to think carefully about whether it is worthwhile creating exactly the same product or better making some significant changes to the model.

knitting needles bolero

If you do not know how to do knittingBolero spokes, the schemes will help you in this. The simplest option is to create a rectangular canvas. To correctly determine its parameters, you need to measure the length and width of the sleeve. Adding twice the first value to the second, you can find the required value. The width in this case will correspond to the measured one. The finished fabric folds in half along the length and stitches from two sides. The parties are connected on the wrong side. The length of the seams is selected in such a way that the ready bolero is convenient to put on.

If you do not like this model, it's worth seeingother schemes. You can, for example, knit bolero with knitting needles with a short sleeve or three quarters. In this case, the backrest, shelves and sleeves are separately made, which are then sewn together into the whole product. After that, the finish is done. The bar can be connected on circular knitting needles, typing consecutively loops along the edge of the shelves, along the bottom and neck. Also it can be made separately, and then sew on the edge. Such a model will well emphasize the figure and perfectly look with a straight dress.

knitting bolero for children

A special attention deserves knitting bolerofor children. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity! Especially if the daughter is still attending a kindergarten. In this case, produce products of bright colors, which like a little girl, will not be difficult. You can, for example, tie flowers or use satin ribbons for decoration. Sometimes it is enough to sew a beautiful button with a contrasting color to make the product look different.

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