Make a phone case with your own hands

Today almost everyone has a mobilephone. This device has become an integral part of our lives. Extend its service life allows the cover, which performs in this case a protective function. On sale, you can find a large number of similar products designed for a particular brand of apparatus. However, they all have a standard appearance and are not very original. If there is a desire to possess a unique thing, then it is worth making a cover for the phone with your own hands.

To do this, it is enough to own the basics of somekind of needlework and purchase a suitable material for color and quality. Then it's worth to measure the size of your phone and develop a pattern that exactly matches the shape of the device. It's time to start work!

phone case for handset

If you decide to sew a phone case with yourhands, then you need to cut out two rectangles. The first should completely correspond to the prepared pattern. However, we must also provide allowances for seams. The size of the second will depend on the type of the planned fastener. If there is a desire to fasten the cover with a zipper, then both squares must have the same shape and parameters. If you plan to sew a button, you need to provide some distance to form a loop.

Those who decide to tie the phone casecrochet, it will be much easier to carry out the planned work. After all, the size and shape of the finished product can always be corrected directly during the work. If the result does not like, then the cover can be disbanded and made anew.

crochet cover for phone
Knit in this case is best forcircle, starting from the bottom. This will avoid unnecessary seams. The pattern can be chosen in its own way. Can be tied with columns without crochets. Such a product will be more dense and will keep the shape well. As an ornament, you can use beads or various knitted items, for example, flowers and leaves.

If you give preference to somebodyopenwork pattern, you will get a more beautiful product, however, its protective functions will be small. It is best in this case to make a double layer cover for the phone with their own hands, consisting of a dense inner part and an openwork top, connected by a contrasting thread. This will, while preserving the protective function of the product, give it a beautiful appearance without additional elements.

Also a cover for the phone with their own hands can beto make, using knitting needles. You can knit such a product in a circle or by making two separate canvases. It will be softer than in the case of work done with a hook, but it is quite dense. The main thing is to choose the right number of spokes.

phone case for hand

The shape of the product can also be itselfdiverse. You can tie the phone case to your hand or neck. In the first case, the length of the sewn braid should be much smaller. This product will be much more convenient to use. The second option, most often, children prefer.

Thus, it is not so difficult to make a cover yourself. The main thing is to have a desire and to have at least minimal skills of needlework.

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