We create a cosiness in the house: we learn to knit a plaid crochet

Plaid hand-knitted - it's beautiful, warm andoriginally. Such a product will be a worthy decoration of the interior of your house. How to knit a plaid crochet - this is the topic of this article. Here the attention of needlewomen is given advice on the choice of materials for the work and ways to perform such an object. Read, remember, be inspired.

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The purpose of the product and the selection of threads for its implementation

Before starting to knit a plaid crochet, let'sdetermine for what and for whom it is needed? This thing can serve as a cover on a sofa or an armchair and perform a purely aesthetic function. Then yarn can be taken synthetic. It looks very good in the finished product, things related to it are durable. If the blanket will be used as a blanket, then for its manufacture take a natural thread: cotton, peeled wool, flax, alpaca. This thread is pleasant to the body, does not cause skin irritation and allergies. It is important to remember that a rug for a baby is desirable to perform from yarn, on the packaging of which there is a label "child". This thread goes through additional processing and cleansing, it is very soft and gentle.

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Beginners in this direction of needlework shouldto know how to properly choose a tool for yarn in order to tie plaids. Crocheted beautiful products will be obtained only if its number coincides with the thickness of the thread. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, carefully study the label on the coils. There the size of the hook for working with this kind of thread is indicated.

Learn to knit a plaid crochet. Methods of implementation

This product can be linked in two ways: whole canvas and motifs. The first method is quite simple: dial a string of air loops of the right size and perform a straight canvas with any chosen pattern. When the blanket reaches the length you want, fasten the thread. Next, you are tying the entire product in several rows.

It is much more interesting to make a rug from motives. The technology of its manufacturing is discussed in more detail.

Plaid of knitted motifs - simple and beautiful!

Elements for the manufacture of plaid can be of various shapes: squares, rectangles, five- and hexagons, long strips. Examples of similar products you can see in the photo.

plaited crocheted beautiful rugs

How to properly knit a plaid crochet from individualelements? First, the necessary number of motifs is bound. Then they all combine into one whole product. This action can be performed by the method of sewing or binding by connecting posts with a crochet. To ensure that the product does not stretch and has a finished appearance, it is necessary to decorate its edges. On all sides, the harness is made, ordinary or figured ("fan", "denticles").

Especially good are children's rugs, crocheted. Schemes of such elements are presented to your attention in the photographs. A blanket bound from such colored particles will surely become your child's favorite.

how to knit a plaid crochet


To tie a plaid from motifs is a good solution forThat is, to use the rest of the yarn. Each masters in the bins are small glomeruli, which will not throw out the hand, but you can not use them to make a big thing. But for knitting colorful squares and flowers - this is what you need. Collect the remains of strings, sort them by their composition and thickness and proceed to creativity. The process of creating a knitted blanket is very exciting. A loop behind the eyelet, and you do not have time to look back, as in a few evenings, do this work. Let the process of needlework bring you an excellent result in the form of a cozy and beautiful plaid!

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